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Our Fight  to Pave a Path for a “New Economy” Under a “New Presidency”

The Fork in the Road

LOS ANGELES –WikiIntelNews : Amid of the world’s global economic and financial crisis -world leader’s stand at a fork in the road; to the left, is a decision to revive an already dead and decaying system which will only end in disaster for nations and civilization. It’s a road less traveled toward a New Dark Age and human slavery under the rule of Oligarchical system.

To the right; is a decision to start a new economy with a global consideration to extend scientific and technological progress to develop Africa as a “Universal Global Project” with participating efforts from Russia, China and India and the US leading the way? It’s a road of economic recovery under the leadership of a new presidency; a road that only the US can pave that leads to a global golden renaissance of economic growth and development of nations worldwide.

A Universal Project for Africa
Promoting the “Project for Africa” as part of the NAWAPA-extended “Program of the New Presidency,” we can affect the recent developments in Europe, particularly in Germany and in Greece to participate in this outreach. Bottom line, Europe’s situation is hopeless without the removal of Obama, the implementation of Glass Steagall and the global alliance of nations focused on Africa to develop that region. These are the measure we must take in the US in order to move humanity into the light of a new economy.

A Call for American Leadership

It’s time for Americans to wake-up to the new solutions that the six slate LaRouche candidates are proposing for a new economy under a “New Presidency.” Dave Christie presents in this video discussing the leadership being provided by the slate of national candidates to fight for NAWAPA and bring about a real economic recovery for the people worldwide.

More American leadership needs to come out in the open in support of LaRouche’s policies as we have seen with Sen. Perry Clark. We need to see more congressional leaders to not only state their political position in favor of Glass-Steagall but to join and expand the six slates LaRouche candidates to a 52 slate power house!

A Call for Ron Paul to Prove His Stance for America and the Amercian People

If Ron Paul were to join in full support of LaRouche’s policies -like the passage of Glass-Steagall and the removal of Obama and the development of NAWAPA … then Ron Paul could be the President that turns America towards Economic Prosperity for the world.

We need Ron Paul to step into the shoes for “A New Presidency” … we cannot wait until the 2012 election … Ron Paul can take the Office now through the right procedures. Ron Paul can do this now if he had the courage to do so!

Ron Paul would only need to announce:

I, Ron Paul am running for the Presidency of the United States of America. The message of my campaign is to restore the principles of Liberty and the US Constitution for the people of the United States of America. I declare an oath to serve and defend the US Constitution and hereby announce to the world, to every American Citizen, my promise to support the policies that bring about an economic recovery here in the US and in Europe and throughout the world. Why … because my vision goes beyond the boarders of America as a nation; it reaches out to all nation states and encompasses the whole of humanity. I am in support of Lyndon LaRouche’s economic policies for an immediate economic recovery plan. I support the immediate renewal of the Glass-Steagall Act which restores a Federal Banking system in the US and sets a firewall protection against the looting of foreign central banks. I ask fellow congressional members to join with me in support of the motion to invoke section 4 of the 25th Amendment to remove Barack Obama from the presidency; on the basis of his mental instability to act in carrying out the duties of the Presidency in favor of the interest of the nation. And, for his illegitimacy to occupy the presidency which can be proven in a court of law … and on the basis of his treasonous actions for going to war with Libya without the consent of the Congress and for his creation of the newly organized Super-Congress which over-rides and undermines the US constitution and the Democratic Order and Authority of the American system. I herby support the creation of a new economy with the joint collaboration with Russia, China India and other surrounding nation to develop Africa with an extended development of the global NAWAPA project. ….

If Ron Paul were to just simply make this decision to support LaRouche’s policies -then in a short period thereafter the plans for the New World Oder would diminish and the British Monarchy defeated once and for all.

 “… when you are supporting nations with economic development where is the need for war?”

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