Image result for capitalismThe greatest con of free market capitalism is that it has succeeded in making us believe that our country’s wealth belongs to the fittest, or that some “deserve” to benefit from it while other don’t.

Free market capitalism has succeeded in convincing us that the wealth we all own together, which every citizen is entitled to by reason of birth now belongs to the few who deserve it because of certain accidents of life.

It has been very successful in getting us to believe that the things that make us citizens and part owners of everything that belongs to our country – debt and wealth included – no longer does that, but, instead, now removes wealth from that equation and makes it the sole domain of a privileged few.

Now all we get to hear about, and partake in paying back through our taxes, is our country’s debt. Yes, free market capitalism makes sure our country’s debt is socialized and we all get to chip in taxes to pay it.

However, when it comes to the profits from our country’s business dealings, and other benefits (exploiting our natural resources, for example) which our wealth should provide all of us, we’re shamed out of even asking.

We’re led to believe that such benefits can only be accessed by certain groups of people and not by everybody.

Our government, which we put in charge of the management of our commonly owned wealth, or common wealth, has now convinced us that only some of us “deserve” to get the benefits while the rest of us must not even ask about these benefits.

No wonder John F Kennedy’s statement to not “Ask for what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” is very popular with our government, and the agents (officials and media) who quote it every opportunity they get.

That quote has played a huge part in the brainwashing Americans that they deserve nothing from their country’s wealth. I’m not saying that’s what JFK meant it to do, but it has certainly done that.

What is going on right now is like a firm your family contracted to manage your family’s wealth turning around to tell you that only certain members of your family who they choose will get to receive benefits from the wealth, while the rest get nothing, or get just crumbs.

Of course, you’ll know something is very wrong, and fight  with all your might to change things, if that happens with your inheritance. That’s exactly what we should be doing in the case of our country, but the brainwash of capitalism seems too strong.

Many will ridicule any suggestion to fight for, or even mention, change because of the strong brainwash that has been administered over centuries. This has made them believe that getting, or even asking to receive, any part of the common wealth is “freeloading” and something to be ashamed of.

Such people believe what the brainwashing has put in their heads that only certain people deserve it by virtue of one thing or another; birth, intelligence, strength, or just plain opportunity. These are some of the accidents we have been programmed to use in determining who deserves to get a share of our country’s wealth.

The truth that has been very craftily marginalized and subverted by free market capitalism is that the wealth of the country is the inheritance of all of her citizens, and belongs equally to every single one of them.

We need to be steadfast and brave in putting this truth out there once more, to re-educate the people and stop the dastardly exploitation that is taking place to the benefit of the minority and the detriment of the majority.

Despite everything you’ve been taught by capitalism, our wealth needs to be more equitably distributed and it’s not freeloading or mooching to ask for that. Stop allowing con artists shame you out of your inheritance.

Despite what you’ve been brainwashed to believe, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for what your country should do for you. Do not be afraid to ask for free healthcare, free education, subsidized housing, and freedom from personal debt.

Your country owes that to you, and not just to the privileged few.

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