The war in Ukraine – it is not only the actions of the parties on the battlefield, but also a war of words and historical analogies.

How we can name the Russian aggression, using the terminology of the West? The answer will vary and it wouldn’tbeso simple. But it is obvious that Berlin,Paris and Washington are avoiding to use the word “invasion” and acted as if they afraid to hurt or to anger Putin. Their statements are flowery, vague and uncertain. They cover their confusion and indecision using words like “concern” “serious concern”, “deep concern”. Their describtionof russian actions ranging from “unacceptable” to “intolerable”. Instead of providing real assistance to Ukraine, the leaders of the free world, preserving their image, are trying to find some kind of terminology to be freed from moral responsibility for the procrastination and inactivity. Their dictionary of cowardice also so disgraceful like a both black and white propaganda of the Putin’s regime.

Someone may tell you that craven rhetoric of some Western politicians is caused by their pragmatism and intention to engage in substantive negotiations with Russia. But with the new realities of appeasing the aggressor, Free World could not maintain world order through traditional diplomatic tools and Russia, too, had refused all these diplomatic conventions.

It can be assumed that the Western countries are afraid of war. It is likely but how Western countries is going to maintain a stable world order and security, based on international law under the conditions of the existence of an aggressive and unpredictable Russia, which is already wage the undeclared war in the heart of Europe claiming the right to cut the world map on his own? Moreover, Putin cynically demonstrates that Ukrainian euroassociation is nothing, NATO – decoration, European Union – empty one.

However, there are countries in the world such as countries of Northern Europe, the Baltic States, Canada, Poland which use dictionary of objectivity, relevance and, therefore, offensiveness in the harsh realities of aggressive manifestations of the Putin’s regime. So, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite said that Russia “is practically in at war with Europe”.

After the annexation of the Crimea, the destruction of the Malaysian aircraft, murder of Honorary Consul of Lithuania, the extermination of residential quarters and infrastructure of Donbass, humiliation of prisoners,overt attacks of Ukrainian territory by Russian military and now the direct invasion of armored columns and military units of Russian armed forces on the territory of Ukraine not to call a spade a spade and not to render aid to Ukraine in fact is a direct connivance to aggressor.

Gentlemen, it’s time to change the policy of the ostrich, dumped in a landfill dictionaries of cowardice and use adequate and impartial rhetoric against the aggressor and, most importantly, to provide Ukraine with everything its need to repel the enemy. Our common enemy.

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