April 24, 2018

The entire world sorrows. Russian terrorist groupings that raised their activity in the Eastern Ukraine rudely and coldbloodedly crashed the passenger aircraft Boeing-777. Number of victims is about 300 people including 80 children.

According to the U.S. and Ukrainian intelligence services, Malaysian Boeing-777 was crashed exactly by Russian air defense missile system Buk. These ADMS were illegally transferred by Russia through Ukrainian border aiming to arm the Russian terrorists in the Eastern Europe.

The EU position concerning the blooded actions of volatile Putin, indicates a double-standard policy of Europe, and in particular, France, Italy, Germany and the UK. Business interests of high officials of these countries are closely connected with Russia and any tough sanctions unfavorable for them.

However, the EU children died at the Kremlin’s hands!

Moreover, the EU continues to arm the Russian terrorists. Thus, France despite fierce international criticism defends their business interests and fulfills orders on the construction of Mistral-class helicopter carriers. Jean-Claude Allard, a senior researcher of the Institute for International and Strategic Relations, argues that the leadership of France does not want to spoil the political and diplomatic relations with Putin and still plans to carry out military orders of Russia.

Perhaps the main reasons of indecisive policy of France is still corruption and immorality of its high officials?

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