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Clashes in Manila Shanty Town over Demolition

Cleveland City Council Decides on Smoking, Trans Fat, Food Trucks

Bulgaria sees rise of ghost villages

Property values dive in Queensland flood zones

Low growth figure suggests economy is stagnating — at best

CBI: UK manufacturers’ orders dropped

Chinese Factories Make U.K. Royal Wedding China

£300,000 of YOUR money ‘found its way to Al Qaeda terrorists’ from aid budget

‘Al Qaeda Bomber Worked For UK Intelligence’

£350 to run in the park: Fitness trainers, nannies and teachers hit by fees by council who classifies it as a work place

No End In Sight for Belarus’s Economic Nose Dive

Philly Plans To Lay Off Nearly 4,000 Teachers And School Workers

Exxon and Shell profits surge on higher oil prices

Dow Chemical quarterly profit beats; shares rise


India Rebuffs Boeing, Lockheed Bids in $11 Billion Warplane Deal

Boeing Postpones Delivery Of 20 Dreamliners To Singapore Airlines

Income tax law amendment gets warm response

The Oakland Raiders get a new, ridiculous stadium name

Healthcare scoring for the “dead pool”: hedge funds betting on how long you will live

Arrest of Homeless Connecticut Woman for Enrolling Son in School Illegally Sparks Debate

Health Law Won’t Get High-Court Review Yet

Myanmar’s main city bans plastic bags: state media

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