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News Bulletin – 1435GMT update

Cia Drone Attacks Kill Children

Pakistanis hold anti-US rally

US Wants to Give Frozen Libyan Assets to Rebels

Libyan rebels fear Gadhafi is preparing mustard gas

Europe’s invisible ‘boots on the ground’ in rebel Libya

Gaddafi steps up assault on Libyan rebels

Italy rescues 400 shipwrecked refugees

Scores of Libyans treated in Tunisian hospital as shelling of border area continues

Riot police attack Tunisian protesters

US warns of more steps against Syria

Four killed as Yemenis stage protest

Thousands stage rally in Morocco

Bahrain to put 21 activists on trial

Obama: ‘We Don’t Need to Spike the Football’

Egypt warns of ‘iron fist’ response after clashes

Mass Grave Discovered in Ivory Coast

US Drone Strike Kills 15 Militants, Says Pakistan

Osama bin Laden dead: Barack Obama queries Pakistan’s role in hiding bin Laden

Pakistan’s President Denies Harboring Bin Laden

Bin Laden raid sparks rare criticism in Pakistan

Don’t Do it Again, Pakistan Army Warns US

Pakistan frees Osama’s neighbor

66 Percent Of Pakistanis Say America Faked The Killing Of Bin Laden

‘Bin Laden dead long before US raid’

Quick News: US sells old bin Laden footage as new

Bill Richardson: Killing bin Laden Means Obama Can Pass a Climate Bill

CSI bin Laden: Commandos Use Thumb, Eye Scans to Track Terrorists

Al-Qaida vows to hit back at U.S.

Al-Qaida wanted to hit Chicago trains, security stepped up

Desperately seeking the CIA’s secret house

Obama: There Will Still Be Threats Out There

British’s top cop warns of terror attack

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