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Miami police chief suspended, could be fired

Julius Malema found guilty of hate speech for singing ‘Shoot the Boer’

Bastrop residents must register before re-entry

House Democrats Pass Bill to Grill School Children about Sexual Preference

Elmhurst College to Ask About Sexual Orientation

Ten-year-old boy returns to school after summer holidays as a GIRL as ‘he believes he is trapped in the wrong body’

HHS: Children Are ‘Sexual Beings’

Sesame Street and same-sex marriage

Mother who dressed her three-year-old daughter as Pretty Woman prostitute in hiding after receiving death threats

Lesbian foster couple put six year old boy in girl’s clothes and post photos on Facebook

LGBT adoption

Faith-healing parents on trial for death of premature child who did not get medical attention

Contraceptive pill ‘interferes with women’s memory’

Birth Control Policy for Wild Horses Questioned by Ranchers

Doggone careless: Petco store accused of leaving animals to die during devastating flood

Masked boy barred from kindergarten due to burns

‘Double-whammy’ of wet summer and longer seasons: Why this autumn could be the worst for allergies EVER

U.S. scientists claim to be capable of predicting climate 16 months forward

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