October 21, 2018

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Hillary Clinton’s new book is nothing but a thinly veiled dog-in-the-manger attempt against Bernie Sanders. Mrs Clinton knows at this point, that no miracle can get her in the White House, but that Senator Sanders can still make it if he runs, so her plan is to try and tarnish the man’s image. Everything she said about Senator Sanders, every attack she made, every single lie she told about him in her book is clearly calculated to try and tarnish the man’s image.

These attacks on Senator Sanders are another way of her tacitly admitting that her political career is over, at least the part of it that involves running for political office. It’s a tacit, but clear, admission that she will never be president of the United States, when you think about it. It is for this reason that she’s trying to make sure that the man whom she obviously, but erroneously, sees as the person responsible for her failure to become president, does not go on to become president himself.

There is no other reason for her to concentrate on criticizing Senator Sanders as much as she did in her book, and with outright lies, if not that she wants to do whatever she deems necessary to tarnish the Vermont senator’s image. She was basically saying to Democrats that Bernie Sanders must not be allowed to succeed within the party when she said the line about the senator not being a Democrat.

Yes, Senator Sanders was an Independent, but he was an Independent who always caucused with Democrats throughout his career in Congress. He  also registered and ran for the highest political office in the land as a Democrat, so that bit about him not being a Democrat is lame, to say the least.

Anyway, the problem with Mrs Clinton’s dog-in-the-manger strategy  is that the people simply love Senator Sanders so much that any mention of him, even in negative lights, sends people down memory lane and gets them nostalgic thinking about what a good person he has always been. The invariable reaction you get upon any mention of Bernie Sanders is one of overwhelming positivity, with people talking about his honesty and steadfastness in fighting for the common people.

Google Bernie Sanders and what you get is an overwhelming list of his fights for the common people dating back to his days as mayor of the small town of Burlington in his home state of Vermont. Therefore, what Mrs Clinton’s attacks on his person have been achieving is to make the Senator even more popular by getting more and more people to learn about him.

Any mention of Hillary, on the other hand, gets people upset and riled up right before sending them down memory lane remembering all her lies and bad deeds. You would usually get lots of people digging up and posting negative stuff like quotes and videos of lies told by her every time she comes up for discussion. This would mean that the only other thing she will achieve while trying to tarnish Bernie’s image by constantly popping up to lie about the man is to keep herself and her baggage in people’s minds and consciousness.

Clearly, her strategy isn’t working at all because instead of tarnishing his image, it is only making the Vermont senator more popular across the country by introducing him to more Americans who only fall in love with him when they learn about him while making Hillary herself less popular by further exposing her baggage to more people.

The long and short of this is that the longer she keeps doing this, the longer she will stay in people’s consciousness, and the longer the distaste the people feel about her and the Democratic party will stay in the fore front. This is not good for the Democratic party’s attempt to unify the party’s base in time for the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Therefore, the sooner Hillary Clinton accepts her loss and disappears from public life and the public eye, the sooner Democrats can start trying to heal the rift she and her stooges wrought on that party’s very foundations by rigging the primaries and saddling this country with President Donald Trump. People are trying very hard to forget. She should stop making it difficult to do so.

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