Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari


A video has surfaced showing the absent Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari saying that he nearly absconded when he took office because he found the country’s coffers literally empty. The president made the comments while addressing the participants of a course by the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies.

The president, who has been away on an extended medical leave in the UK for more than a month after indefinitely extending a 10 day vacation, had people in Nigeria railing against him and his administration for breaking a promise he made, during his presidential campaign, to end medical tourism.

Now, after the resurfacing of this video, Nigerians are asking if their president has finally made good on his words about absconding. Nigerians are wondering if what has happened is simply delayed action on his original thoughts, and he has truly absconded?

Nigeria is passing through what most economists and citizens term as the worst economic crisis in that country’s history, and it’s easy to see why the people are very worried about the absence of their country’s leader.



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