October 21, 2018


A challenge facing a new head of the UK government today – the one for which Theresa May has been nominated for the Prime Minister – is to fulfill the British people’s wish regarding the UK withdrawal from the EU. To bridge over difficulties of transition period, to minimize short-term losses, to have the migration problems resolved at last, and not to lose, under any circumstances, those opportunities that are now opening up in economic and social spheres – this is the work for a politician of Thatcher’s style.

Judging by her statements on the UK security and foreign policy the ‘Iron Lady’ image has great appeal to Mrs. May.
But in that case this does not accord with some of the practice. Her obvious attempt to divert national attention from internal problems, which seemingly the new Prime Minister does not know how to approach, is perceived as lacking credibility or hopefulness. If the UK citizens had wished to allow their own politicians to go on sacrificing the state’s welfare for the mania for global strategy, they would have preferred to remain in the EU!

The whole snake oil pitch about intentions to turn half the planet into radioactive ash instead of attempts to provide the public with a specific plan of action for Brexit is a slap in the face of every British who has voted for delivering from Brussels’ political animals. And if subsequent UK Prime Ministers are like Theresa May, then one day the British might hold a referendum on their separation from 10 Downing Street.

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