Modern democratic States in their foreign policy are adherent to the universally recognized principles and rules. One of the most important principle of democracy is adherence (compliance with) the rules of international law. But, unfortunately, there is one State which decided to break those canons and rules of international peace, with an aim to please their imperial ambitions.
It refers to the Russia- the richest country, with great cultural heritage, which has for a long time consolidated a lot of lands and people. And also the State which has very bright history and high weigh of their diplomatic school.
But nowadays Russian diplomacy is serving to the authoritarian regime. And in spite of existence of rules of international law and human values they are to do their best to justify Kremlin aggression against Ukraine. Representatives of diplomatic institutes of RF (Russian Federation) axe using their full powers with just one goal – to accuse Ukrainian authorities in terror, which, in fact is made by pro-Russian mercenaries on the territory of Ukraine. They continue fetching down (discrediting) Ukraine in public and to foreign governments and Ukraine in their turn, with enormous pressure is fighting for its independence, territorial integrity and European choice (selection).
Mr Lavrov has drawn up in his ministry implicit discipline and vertical of power. All the Ministry is speaking and thinking “as one man”. Undisputed fact is that all Russian diplomats in conformity with the tenets of so called “Russian world” put themselves above all. That was confirmed by the dialogue that was published recently, between Russian Ambassador in Zimbabwe Baharew and his protégé in Eritrea Chubarov, in which they discussed the further expansion to the West.
In its activities Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation overpass to use all methods of dirty affairs management, slander and provocations. Meeting of the UN SC are real examples, Mr Churkin cynically did not take into account all the arguments of his counterparts, who appealed with irrefutable evidences that Kreml is using military force against neighboring Ukraine.
And here is another fact of a dirty games. “Russian abroad institute ” and “Fund for support and protection of the rights of nationals”, answerable to the Russian foreign ministry, are preparing paid up European partners for adoption anti-Ukrainian decision on monitoring violation of human rights in this country.
In order achieve this goal they are not to be above. Russian diplomacy is such comprehensive (multifaceted): bribes, deception, and intimidation. All means are good for Mr. Lavrov.
Recently I have been a witness of the meeting between so called human rights defenders on the topic of human rights observation on the East of Ukraine, namely MEP from Latvia Tatyana Zhdanok and Mateusz Piskorski, which is representative of “European Centre of Geopolitical Analysis” in Poland. In accordance with their statements I have come to one conclusion, that Russian diplomats had done a “great job”. As an example Tatyana Zhdanok after a conversation with the Director of “Russian abroad institute” Mr. Panteleyev and meeting self-proclaimed Head of the Crimea S. Aksyonov does not want to hear anything that Russia is responsible for the conflict in the East of Ukraine. These people are preparing, paid up by the Moscow order, reports on human rights violation on the East of Ukraine and show to the world “image” agreed with Moscow but far from reality.
Kremlin is doing its best to falsify the situation with the human rights violation East part of Ukraine. Moscow does not want the world to know about the mercenaries and criminals from Rostov, Irkutsk, Chechnya, Ossetia who are torturing civilians, Russian “Kisselowshina” on TV, which brainwashes local inhabitants and finally makes them fight against their own people. But just one fact speaks for itself that is shut down by pro-Russian mercenaries civilian airplane of Malaysian Airlines… At the same time Moscow did not have enough courage to apologize and bring condolences to the families of those killed in crash.
Secret Russian envoys and diplomats are managing to brainwash their opponents in Europe. And that is not nonsense. We may refer to history, in the countries of the former Warsaw Pact, Moscow had a great impact(influence). A lot of Poles, Balts and Czechs and other representatives of the large European family have common communist past with Russia understand Russian good and celebrate the same holidays. But time does not stand still. It is growing up new generation, who has absorbed the spirit of democracy and market economy.
Modern Europeans start to perceive Russia now very different.
Those corrupt European politicians, who are trying to justify neoimperial Kremlin policy in the eyes of European community will have to explain their political prejudice.
Otherwise, too soon Russian armored fighting vehicle may visit Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, Budapest. Free Europe must not stand still.
Russia is terrorist number 1.
MFA of Russia is a tool of global terrorism.

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