A current event at the East of Ukraine has become the most serious international conflict since the start of XXI century and it will affect world tendencies and mutual relationships between European countries. Russian aspiration for domination all over the region by providing “hybrid” war against Ukraine compelled the whole world to recollect the notorious experience of Czechoslovakia, which was occupied by the USSR. So-called reforms and political changes in Czechoslovakia called “Prague spring” were suppressed by Soviet land troops. Though there are some differences between “Prague spring” and current conflict at the East of Ukraine, we can find a lot of similarities.
1. The reason for the start of “Prague spring” was quit of Czechoslovakia’s president Novotny. The new government, headed by A. Dubchek, announced a started many reforms, which declined the pressure of communist party censorship, let the citizens to arrange public meetings and protests. Indeed, soviet invasion had for an object to put down the reforms and support partners of the USSR. This doctrine of so-called “limited independence” was created and declared by L.Brejnew.
After the revolution in Ukraine and dismissal of the former president Yanukovich, there number of instruments for Russia to control Ukraine is decreasing. Providing war is the last instrument to prevent further European incorporation of Ukraine.
2. The set of measures taken by Dubchek’s government could have provoked the destruction of Warsaw treaty, its defense unity. The aggression of Russia pursues the aim to prevent European integration, as it would break the system of Russian Air Defense. Likewise, the current invasion of Russia has one essential feature – the tactic of it is universal. Russian security services and army forces can easily start the same campaign against any country. V.Putin has already said that there are sufficient violations of the rights of Russian people in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia as well. It seems like Russian aggression is aimed not at Ukraine, but at the EU in general.
At the same time, the President of Chech Republic M.Zeman has shown ignorance and misunderstanding of what is going on in Ukraine right now. He told that the current war in Ukraine is nothing but “gang war”, that there are nazi groups and units in Ukraine and Ukrainian government has to neutralize them.
Everyone knows that Mr. Zeman was raised in communist Czechoslovakia, and his professional career started in the time of so-called “normalization” of G.Gusak. His insulting and incompetent remarks concerning Ukraine suggest that there is Russian lobby inside European family. At the same time Mr. Zeman cannot be sure that Russia is going to stop after complete occupation of Ukraine. No one can be sure that there will be no terrorism and so-called “gentle people” in Chech republic, soon after Ukraine’s defeat».

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