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Ron Paul’s run for the presidency in these 2012 elections is premised on issues that are popular opinion of the American people. “we have a great following of young people because freedom is popular” –Ron Paul

There is a deeper issue to consider that is not being discussed on any platform, by any candidate, during these primary elections that out weighs the issues of popular opinion.

The issues of popular opinion are wrong!  The issues of popular opinion are not based in reality.  The issues of popular opinion do not address the relevant issues that are transpiring in the real world.  How are any of the issues of popular opinion going to affect the immediate threat of thermonuclear war breaking out on the planet? The threat of thermonuclear warfare is the reality that is transpiring today. That’s realty! You either have the intelligence to face this reality or you refuse to live in the real world. You think wrapping your head around issues of popular opinion is going to make the threat of thermonuclear ware go away? Wake Up!

So what is the single issue that can change the dynamics of possible warfare to the prospect of preventing warfare against Iran?  From a US perspective, the single issue is removing Obama from the Presidency. With Obama remaining in the Presidency he can push the envelope towards the first strike of war against Iran.  Obama is a trigger point.  Remove Obama and you remove the trigger point.  With Obama out … the US Military force will have no choice but retreat its ships and troops.  The only option for Israel at this point is to stand down.  Israel will not strike Iran on its own volition without the support of the US military forces.  War averted! This is why removing Obama from the “Presidency” is the only issue relevant to what is happening in the real world.  Discussing or campaigning on issues of popular opinion and getting grossly involved in this clown show campaign for the presidency will do nothing to prevent this war from happening!

The threat of thermonuclear war is a ticking time-bomb; and the American population ignores this reality and is putting all their energy behind a presidential candidate, putting their hopes and aspirations on a fraudulent system, hoping that their candidate will win in November 2012.

Here is the reality: Where is your hope in November 2012, if war breaks out in March 2012?  If World War III breaks out on this planet there won’t be a 2012 election.  So the single relevant issue becomes clear.  Get Obama out of the Office of the Presidency … before the inhalation of large segment of the world’s population becomes a reality.

The New World Order crowed is setting the world stage for destruction.  It makes perfect sense to set the time-table for the war with Iran during the time of US elections. It’s a perfect distraction of getting the masses caught up in a football game of electing the next president.  And the American people buy into the distraction busy agreeing with the issues of popular opinion.  “Go Ron Paul” “Ron Paul in 2012” none of this is proactive relative to the real issues at hand!  If Ron Paul represented true American Leadership he would be leading the fight in impeaching Obama for his impeachable offenses against the US Constitution and against the interest of the American people. But, he’s not!

Be honest with yourself. There is not one person on the Republican ticket that is fit to become president, not even Ron Paul, because neither of them have the vision for the kind of future that concerns the survival of the WHOLE of humanity.  That should mean something to you if you’re human.  How simple would it be for Ron Paul to expand and embrace the issues and polices that LaRouche has laid on the table? However, it looks like Ron Paul has an agenda of his own … to spread the message of freedom!

Wake up America!

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