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Premium Electronic Cigarettes are an awesome option for the reason that they truly cater to their customers. They care about what every customer desires and so they have developed various electronic cigarette starter kits and electronic cigars. You’ll be able to opt for the one that’s greatest for you. Their newest e-cigarette starter kit contains two batteries that each have a sleek, custom style. It truly is really an excellent seeking electronic cigarette that you just will not mind carrying around. Electronic cigarettes are also accessible in various colors so you can select the a single that best suits your personal style.

In addition to their fantastic designs, mini electronic cigarette also works difficult to preserve their goods affordable. Essentially the most customized starter kits are pricy at $109.95, but you’ll find more fundamental starter kits including the PR110 that cost only $49.95, an actual bargain when compared with other similar kits on the market. The primary distinction among the fundamental starter kit plus the customized version is an extra battery. Premium also features a disposable version from the electronic cigarette referred to as PremiumOne. It costs $14.99 and is a superb choice for very first time e-cig users who choose to test the waters just before producing the bigger investment within a full starter kit. Cigar lovers can also try this new technologies by getting the disposable electronic cigar for $24.99.

Refill cartridges are the exact same for both the PR110 and the PR111 kits. It is possible to acquire five cartridges within a pack for $12.50. Each refill costs only $2.50 and last so long as a single pack of tobacco cigarettes. Premium provides their buyers good discounts when they purchase cartridges in bulk. You are able to get cartridges within a variety of flavors. The PR110 and PR111 each have cartridges obtainable in 18 flavors and five nicotine strengths.

It is possible to check out their complete selection of inventory at the Premium web page. If you want low costs, high satisfaction, and also an income back guarantee, Premium E Cigarette is a superb selection.

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