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It was Henry Kissinger that stated factually, ‘Obama’s Presidency is a great opportunity to bring about a New World Order.’ Obama’s main purpose is to do just that –bring about the New World Order.

The Shadow Government and their New World Order

To put this into perspective; in the real world of politics, business, and financial banking: there is a shadow government that controls all three.  Multinational Corporations and the International banking cartel which include the Rockefellers’, the Rothschild Dynasty, the British Monarchy and the Jesuit Order of the Vatican; have a network of systems in place worldwide that control every facet of life as we know it. This is the New World Order Crowd.  Their goal for a New World Order is 95% in place.

In America, they control the educational system, so they control what you learn; they control the News Media, so the control what you perceive in the world around you.  Two examples of this are that they create wars on one hand to distract your attention while they create laws on the other hand that are contrary to the US Constitution. And they do this with a slight of hand repealing or passing  laws that suit their New World Order agenda.

In the aftermath of 9/11

This is exactly what took place during George W. Bush’s two terms in Office.  In the aftermath of 9/11 and in the wake of fraudulent Iraq war which was a US, British, Saudi and Israeli operation, the unconstitutional Patriot Act came into being and the formation of Homeland Security … a repeat of a historical event of Nazi Germany during the 1930’s

How the Establishment control your perception of reality

As a result in 2005 Bush signed a treaty between Canada, Mexico and the US to form a North American Union NAU. This is the same political structures that exist in Europe with the European Union EU. Now just because the NAU is not publicized and is clocked in a shroud of secrecy for good reasons; today Americans haven’t the faintest clue that they are living under the rule of the North American Union.  This flies under the radar of the American people because it is not publicized by the controlled News Media Networks. This is exactly how they control what you perceive in the world around you.

Another example on how they control your perception of reality is how US elections are run by a two party system of Democrats and Republicans and how the Presidency being the highest Office in the US Government.  This is a massive illusion that many Americans believe is real when in fact it is a false perception of reality.  The reality is that the US Federal Government is controlled by three shadow entities: the Council on Foreign Relation, CFR, the Trilateral Commission and the Federal Reserve Bank. This is the Shadow Government connected to the Vatican -otherwise known as the “Establishment” that controls the policies in the Untied States.

The CFR controls the US News media networks televised and the press. They also control the two-party political system.  The CFR has a list of members who are politicians that lobby for the CFR on both sides of isle.  In reality the Democratic Party and the Republican Party represent the interest of the CFR and can be more accurately called the CFR Party.  It is a one party system that carries out the Establishments interest in bringing about a New World Order.  The grand deception upon the American people from witch they believe … is that there is a two party system and that they the American people have a choice as to who gets elected to the office of the presidency.  This is furthest from the truth.

It’s through the controlling News Media that gives the illusion that American’s have a choice in this matter of elections, but in reality they don’t.  The fact of the matter is, since the death of JFK, every President that proceeded to the present day has been selected and appointed by the CFR.   To this day, all the running presidential candidates are CFR members with the exception of Ron Paul and other third party candidates.  This is the reason why Ron Paul gets unfairly treated by the News Media because he is not a part of the Establishments agenda.

While George W. Bush was in office, Americans hated his war policy and disapproved of Bush’s performance as president.  Then Obama came along promising “Change We Can Believe In,” under the promises he was going to change the system for the better in the interest of the American people, which was a bunch of lies, and what happened?

The same Bush polices of warfare continued under Obama.  Are Americans better off since Obama took the office of the presidency then before Bush’s two terms? No! The economy is failing, Americans a losing their homes and jobs, in fact, things have gotten worst for the American people.  Why, because it is not Obama’s role to serve the interest of the American people.  Obama is in the presidency to serve the interest of the Establishment, not the American people.

Obama the Manchurian President for the Establishment  

I could go in an talk about the details how the Establishment control the financial institutions through a central banking monetary system that enslave people and nations into debt or the role the Vatican plays in the forming of this New World Order, but I want to keep the emphasis on Obama because he is the Manchurian President on the center stage of the United States of America -falsely acting as the “President” assisting the Establishment in shaping the policies for the North American Union.

Statesman, Economist Lyndon LaRouche continues to state the truth about Obama:  “He’s a traitor to the Untied States with a mission to destroy the Untied States as a Nation.”   Obama’s action in passing National Defense Authorization Act into Law is a clear demonstration of this fact.

Defeat the New World Order by removing Obama

In an analogous comparison, I’ll use the “Game of Chess” to describe Obama’s relation to the Establishment and what Americans can do to throw a monkey wrench in the works of the Establishments plans for their New World Order.  In the game of Chess, the Queen is the only piece that has the power of authority to move in every direction.  Capturing the Queen and removing it from the playing field weakens the opponent’s position.  Obama is like the Queen that controls by presidential authority (signs into law) the policies in the US. Capturing Obama and removing him from the playing field foils the plans of NWO crowd.

We stand today in the midst of a global financial collapse of the US dollar and a failing economy.  Israel and the US are on the verge of preemptive strike on Iran which will spark the beginning of Ww3 pulling in Russia, China and the US in an all out thermonuclear war.  Not a good outcome for humanity. Pulling Obama out of the equation NOW will prevent the worst from happening.

What many Americans are unaware of is that there is a group of patriotic Americans in high-places associated with LaRouche who are ready to implement a policy shift in the US.  If Americans were to unite and put the squeeze on Senators in the Congress to demand Obama’s removal -the Congress would do so and in that moment a policy shift would take place with the passage and reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act  and ending the Federal Reserve System which will destroy the Establishment’s criminal global financial system.  This would weaken the NWO crowd’s position and put them out of business.

Some would argue this point and say that once Obama is removed, the Establishment will just put in another puppet president with no change and business as usual.  Not so! First, Obama is a wildcard. There is nobody else on the political scene that can take Obama’s place and carry out what Obama can do -is doing for the Establishment. With Obama out of the picture, the Establishment will have lost their main man.  Secondly, the implication of Obama’s removal from the presidency would mean that the American Population at large has awaken and united to support members of Congress for Obama’s removal and with a kicking a screaming  Congress with the power to remove Obama -this would be the turning point that would send a clear message to the “powers that be” of our (American) resistance to their New World Order agenda.  Yes, other policy shifts would have to come into play to make this a successful transition of power back to a Constitutional Republic.  To this end, the rally and demand of Obama’s removal “Occupy the Federal Government” with millions of Americans standing in solidarity would be the force that topples the New World Order Agenda like a house of cards.

In Conclusion

So, here is a summery of where we stand in the world today: the world is presently at the verge of: (1) The combination of immediately threatened general economic breakdown-crisis in the trans-Atlantic sector, and (2) An already pre-staged, Anglo-American-led thermonuclear bombardment launched by the Anglo-American alliance against leading nations of Asia including Russia and China. This danger now exists for at least as long as a London-controlled U.S. President Barack Obama remains as President of the United States of America. This condition has been pre-staged since the murder of the former Libyan head of state by a concert of Britain, France and the United States under President Obama. That attack has been pre-staged around the designated trigger of the Israel threat to attack Iran, and the associated intention to crush the nation of Syria. Unless the U.S.A. removes an actually insane President Barack Obama under Section 4 of the U.S. 25th Amendment to its Federal Constitution, or by that President’s impeachment, there is very little likelihood that a World War III can be avoided during the weeks ahead. The forced retirement of President Obama would avert the greatest danger to the planet at large.

This is not speculation; this is fact.

At the same time, the entirety of the trans-Atlantic region is being plunged into the depths of a hyper-inflation whose effects would be far worse than what struck Weimar Germany in force in 1923. The gravest danger, of both thermonuclear warfare and the deepest depression of the world in modern history, could be stopped now; but it will not stop unless it is stopped. Inside the U.S.A. that means three actions: (a), dump President Obama from office; (b), immediate re-enactment of President Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall legislation; and, (c) re-establish the U.S. National Banking action pioneered under U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. The combination of those latter legal reforms would be sufficient to launch a general economic recovery.

These measures of action are simply starting points of moving America and world events in a new direction.  It’s the alternative action contrary to taking no action at all.

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