The decision of Parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe to support sanctions against Russia and to debar it from voting till the following session – in April – became quite predicted and logical reaction of this outstanding European Institution. Speaking about sanctions imposed to Russia last year because of annexation of Crimea, there is no reason for their cancellation. Any change in a position of Russia concerning Crimea has not occurred.
No doubt, there are more than enough reasons to lose Russia’s Assembly vote: it continues escalation of tension in the East of Ukraine cynically neglecting the PACE Charter and international law. It is a matter of the Ukrainian woman pilot Savchenko illegally detained by Russian secret services. I must admit that Savchenko is the People’s deputy of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine as well as the member of Ukrainian delegation to the PACE, entitled with diplomatic immunity.
Russian delegation has reacted “nervously” to the decision of the PACE and “being hurt strongly” has declared cessation of its operation in the organization till the end of current year. Further the situation has turned round sharply. Here the statement of the vice-president of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Igor Lebedev: “Russia suspends its participation to the PACE for a period of one year. Now withdrawal from PACE is out of the question. The point is that the withdrawal from the organization will be considered in January, 2016 in case if someone from Parliamentary assembly will resort to attempt to challenge authorities of Russia and the Assembly will vote for».
Developing the threat about Russia’a withdrawal, he blackmails: «For the Russian Federation it means two things. The first one: effect of decisions of the European court will not extend any more in the territory of Russia. And the second moment is that the Russian Federation will be free from any European decisions concerning a death penalty. In such case the State Duma or the President has the right to call off the operating moratorium, and we have possibility to return the concept of a death penalty to our legal framework ».
It looks like well performed show, namely: in the first act is to provoke a scandal, in the subsequent act – to play the offended innocence, and in final act – to slap a door, crafty rejoicing the reached purpose. Well, so what is the purpose?
First, Vladimir Putin should be released from necessity to be responsible publicly on the European platforms for any inconvenient questions like annexation of Crimea, infringements of the international obligations, aggression against Ukraine, etc.
Secondly, Putin should get an opportunity hereafter “to tighten the screws” concerning freedom and democracy at home scene, having returned death penalty into the legislation of Russian Federation and having deprived of the ordinary Russian people of last hope of fair court provided by the European Court of Human Rights.
Thirdly, now it a turn to play a game of “splitting the Europe”, pitting supporters of “absolution” of Russia standing position of «don’t to punish an aggressor because it doesn’t solve a problem”, with those who urges to bridle an aggressor.
Anyway, the situation is that Mr. Putin is intended to be at war in what follows.

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