December 17, 2018

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Since the last presidential election in which Donald Trump was elected the president of the United States, the American mainstream news media has been awash with stories about how Russia meddled in the election, and played a role in the election of Mr Trump whom they consider the less qualified candidate in that election.

The meddling story has meandered greatly since it was first mooted, and taken more forms than a phantom in its journey to it’s current version which is that Russia made use of social media in their meddling attack on our presidential elections.

The story goes that Kremlin sponsored a lot of propaganda by way of advertisement on social media websites, notably Facebook. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO has since come out and apologized concerning the part he says his company inadvertently played in the whole brouhaha which led to the election of Mr Trump.

This leads me to the main point of this article which is a question as to whether the Advent of social media is beginning to serve as a great equalizer for the rest of the world concerning the dominance of the United States on matters of propaganda due to this country’s lopsided control of the regular media apparatus?

Before this last presidential election, the scenario of the whole American government and it’s agents bitterly complaining of Russia having such an influence on America’s presidential election results for it to be considered meddling would have been far fetched, to say the least. Today, that scenario is reality, and that is due to the huge influence boost they gained from social media.

So, is social media the great equalizer? My answer is that it could be. It has every chance of being that as it presents these other countries a very rare, but excellent opportunity to engage the American people the way they would never have dreamed of prior to the establishment of social media.

The control of the regular media is a major contributor to everything America became, and remains. American news channels owned by organizations like CNN, Fox, NBC and others, are constantly blaring pro American propaganda to the four corners of the earth, while at the same time, sowing seeds of discontent in the citizens of these countries. Russia realized what was happening later, and is trying the same thing with her Russia Today (RT) cable news channel, but it is not getting anywhere near the influence it should wield to have any effect.

As a result, it has been a free reign of one sided news (propaganda) dumping in these countries which has helped in no small measure to put America in a position where it became easier to take over the world. It is a quite simple premise: take over the minds of the ordinary citizens, and it becomes easier to undermine their country’s government.

The United States government was, and is still, a master at playing that game which is why it was very easy for them to detect its trappings as soon as it was suspected. Our government knows now that this dam has broken, and will take very drastic measures to repair, if at all it’s possible to repair it. The cabal that controls our government knows the danger this Russian infiltration poses to their total control of our government and are going to do everything within their powers to counter it.

That is the reason for the collective outrage and uproar you see and hear about this Russia meddling in our election. The master just got roundly beaten at his own game, and is afraid hence the lashing out which is couched in bravado. It’s too late now, however, unless we’re willing to become China and begin censoring of citizen usage of the internet and social media. I actually think that’s where we’re headed, and the fact that Mark Zuckerberg has come out to apologize makes me believe that I’m right in my summation.

I think the only reason Zuckerberg will be willing to tender such a public apology would be that he knows that the powers that be are truly pissed about the matter because of its implications, which he himself also understands. This is something that could have the ability to change the power structure of the world, and nobody is smiling….at least, not in corridors of power in the United States.

What I’ve made here regarding how the American government will ultimately react to this new reality, is only a calculated guess based on certain indicators I’ve noticed. Indicators like the sudden impulse to brand any information that does not come from the American mainstream media as fake news shows the desperation being felt by the powers that be. This is an attempt to discredit any information you and I might get from the internet, not minding whether the information is correct. If it is not sanctioned by them and delivered through their mouthpiece, the mainstream media, you’re not supposed to accept it, or even see it.

Google is already changing algorithms to deny you access to this “fake news” while Zuckerberg of Facebook is working to do the same thing according to his apology. The masters have been fed a potent dose of their own medicine by Russia, and are not finding it funny which is why they will be willing to go to any lengths to stop it, and it looks like their reaction is going to be swift and ruthless. How swift and ruthless? Well, we’re yet to find that out, but rest assured that whatever they do will be presented as being for your interest.

I’m very interested to see how they do it eventually, and so should you. Just remember to say you saw it here first if my prediction of censorship turns out to be right.


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