Now Russia is fighting a war against Ukraine on all fronts- political, economic and informational. The Kremlin, using such actions, aims to deprive the country of international support, to destabilize the situation within, to demoralize the population of the country and to break the resistance. The main goal of Russia is to spoil relations with Ukraine and it’s most supporters of European vector, with the help of political provocations.It is well known that Poland is one of the closest neighbors and one of the most successive allies and lobbyists of Ukrainian interests in EU. That’s why the work concerning deterioration of relations between those two States is going on mostly active. There are used new technologies of information warfare to achieve these goals. Among them we underline creative godsend of Kremlin media stars, scandals with wiretapping of prominent politicians and tested long time ago by KGB methods in order to initiate enmity and hate towards people. The favourite method of Kremlin leaders is next – “divide et impera”(divide and rule) is still one of the most effective methods to solve political issues.

Nowadays Putin is extremely annoyed of Warsaw, which protects Ukrainian interests, and in case of Radoslaw Sikorskiy( minister of foreign affairs of Poland ) statements to the EU leaders with demands to stop appeasement policy and impose strong sanctions on Russia. Of course, it is naturally enough, that Putin is interested in destabilization of political situation in Poland. Kremlin experts are properly monitoring domestic policy of Poland, in order to have opportunity to discredit polish governing bodies and it’s efforts aimed on exposing to the Europeans, real goals of Kremlin policy. Russian special forces are seeking methodically incriminatory evidences on Polish leadership by using Russian-backed lobby in Polish parliament and preserved from Soviet Era the KGB-residence. Russia uses a real way to eliminate its political opponents – by drawing their attention away on internal problems, discrediting its most violent opponents, in a serious manner weakening their position in the international arena. It should be noted that Russia has succeeded in this actions. Due to irreconcilable position of Sikorskiy and recent “cassette scandal”, Poland which is aware of agreements with Russia, suddenly and suspiciously “in time” went out of negotiations concerning resolving a conflict, taking the lead to Germany, more loyal towards Russia.

Also it should be noted that Poland support Ukraine not only on the highest level. Demonstrative example that Polish people support democratic choice of Ukrainian one. Namely Polish and Lithuanians are setting the tone to the international movement for support of Ukraine. And it is quietly nerving Kremlin. And therefore today’s Russia is actively looking for cause to see at variance two nations. And the easiest way is to reopen old wounds of joint Polish-Ukrainian history where there are a lot of white spots and constantly there is a presence of a third part, which is too interested that in relations between Poles and Ukrainian should be tension and distrust. So to this end, periodically Moscow raises the topic and initiate discussions concerning famous event of the SWW – so called Volhynian slaughter 1943. And that is the most controversial and painful period in the relations between Poland and Ukraine. Till now it is not given an adequate assessment to those tragic events, and disputes on this topic has not calmed down for 70 years and periodically it is the cause of crisis in relations between two countries. The Poles and Ukrainian have no access to archive materials to this day. The same documents which were published in the next anniversary of the tragic events 1943 may not be trusted according to well-known reasons. To authenticate such documents is unreal. Poles repeatedly convinced of skills of Russian special forces on the part of provocations. And that doesn’t wonder, that Poland decided return to the investigation of the crush with Polish government on the board, which happened on Russian territory.

Therefore the fact that Russia has presented the documents concerning OUN-UPA activity in 1943-1947, after so many years of silence, may be a cause for suspicion. It is unlikely that Kremlin is guided by altruistic motives. In order to understand the situation it will be enough to analyze current rhetoric addressed to new Ukrainian authority by Russian officials and media, according to them the word “national” is a synonym of the word “Bandera”. Reputable scientists, who for many years were researching Volhynian tragedy, warn politicians against harsh statements on this occasion and pay attention that the allies on anti Hitler coalition had a serious conflict of interests and their relations were too far from cloudless. Historians do not exclude the possibility that in order to achieve their goals, fascists and communists could have used different provocations. It is likely have been so and there is plenty of evidence to support this assumption. Polish and Ukrainian historians failed to establish the chronology of events of that period and give it unique assessment. It is still unknown the number of victims, as from the Polish and Ukrainian side. And till this day all the moments are the subject of speculation by some political groups what is beneficial to those who are not interested in preservation of good relations among two nations. Moreover that authority wants that those tragic events should be still an “apple of discord” in relations among Polish and Ukrainian. And there is no secret that each time when this issue occurs and officials try to make its personal assessment it leads inevitably to mutual claims, and to some new aggravation of interstate relations.

But today Poland, having thrown back all past grievances, supports Ukrainian desire to integrate in European community and to distance himself from Russia at all levels , which in its turn is returning to dictatorship. As added recent head of Polish government Donald Tusk: “It was not just the call of heart but also cold political political calculation. Poland and Polish people need secure, developed, democratic Ukraine”. Polish remember too well it’s social past and assess adequately the threat,coming from Russia. Warsaw understands that Putin may not be satisfied with Ukraine and it is clamoring for the introduction a new effective level of sanctions to stop the aggression.

In the light of recent events and affected by its cynicism provocations, made by Russian, it is seen in a new way, tragic events of the past century. Therefore today Ukrainian and Polish don’t forget to commemorate the victims of Volhynian events, and they try to avoid official statements on this case. It is the issue for historians and scientists to draw conclusions, to work with archive materials, to carry out the examination, restoring by crumbs the truth. The main task of politicians is that the past shouldn’t be forgotten and perverted, so that the pain of the loss should become a common pain and memory for all Ukrainian and Polish, so that to learn necessary lessons of history, and the most important – to do its best to prevent a recurrence of such tragedies in the future. As to the opinion of Polish prime-minister, currently, it is the most appropriate time in order “to overcome the dramatic and tragic pages in the history of relations between Poland and Ukraine and build mutual trust and understanding”.

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