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Since California Senator, Kamala Harris had her series of little tete a tete with Clinton backers in the Hamptons mid July, the rumor mill has been awash with stories about how she is the chosen one for a 2020 presidential run by the Democratic party. The story is that she was anointed during the meetings by the Clinton inner circle who happen to be the major shot callers at the DNC.

Being that the Democratic party hasn’t come out to counter this very loud and ubiquitous rumor, one can safely assume that the story is true, especially considering that all sorts of party faithful, “liberal media” allies, and even party officials have come out and all but confirmed the stories.

When the story first broke, I remember joking on social media that the Democratic party’s plan to win in 2020 was to add “racist” to the list of epithets they will fling at those who refuse to vote for their latest chosen one. It’s not even two months yet, and I’m being proved right. I knew I was right, though. I just didn’t know they would come out this quickly with preemptive strikes.

The Epithets, sexist and misogynist were the corner stone of the party’s last presidential run but couldn’t deliver them the presidency. They seem to believe that those two words couldn’t deliver because they were incomplete on their own, and so, need a new member. The thinking seems to be that they would do better in triumvirate, and this last member would be a very important part, and the one which completes and makes the group whole. “Racist” will be that word.

Yes, that party has basically decided that being able to play the full race card, in a way they couldn’t do the last time because their candidate was white, is the way to go about beating Donald Trump come 2020. It isn’t about policies, or beliefs, or any such mundane matters, but about frivolous optics. Anointing a woman who is black will play well with their social warrior reputation, while also making it easier to play the race card by outright saying that anyone who disagrees with the imposition is doing it based on racist sentiments.

Yes, the media and social media are already awash with articles, tweets and general hue and cry about racism being the only reason to not accept Kamala Harris. The insignificant point of what she stands for, and the fact that it’s the people who should choose who they want to represent them being, well… insignificant. Kamala Harris has been chosen by us and you are racist, sexist and misogynist if you don’t accept her appears to be the Democratic party’s official position, and they’re sticking with it….so far.

This all only proves what many people already know which is that the Democratic party is not interested in making the lives of everyday Americans better. The party isn’t interested in whether, or not, the middle class survive. They’re not interested in the health and well being of common Americans. The Democratic party cares not how you live or die, or whether you go bankrupt from your hospital bill when you get sick. They care not whether your bank milks and bilks you until you perish in penury, nor do they care whether, or not, you can afford to feed, clothe, house your family or send your children to school.

They don’t care about none of those issues because they don’t really care about you, even though they pretend they do. They don’t care about your economic progress which is why they have the very same horrible economic policies as Republicans, but will try to distract you by playing the social issues champions. Like some very wise person once said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” While it’s a great thing to be pro choice, pro gender equality and pro marriage equality, poor, I don’t think that hungry people who are burdened by debt and are constantly worried about how they’ll feed themselves, or whether they can keep a roof over their heads care very much about those issues.

I think the people care more about a different type of inequality – the type that the Democrats only want to pay lip service to, but do absolutely nothing about. I believe the people care more about wealth and income inequality, otherwise known as economic inequality. Therefore, while they’re happy that whoever wants it can get an abortion, or that two consenting adults can get married if they choose to, or that women and men get to be treated equally, all that do nothing to put food on the table, or keep the roof over their head.

All of that do absolutely nothing to mitigate the struggles the people go through everyday just to survive, and the economic hardships they are living with. Democrats think pushing such social issues will make the people forget, but you don’t forget that you’re hungry – or that you’re homeless, or about to become homeless. You don’t forget that you’re sick and have no means of getting yourself treated. No, you don’t forget those things because they’re a part of your life that you live everyday, and that’s why the Democratic party is losing and will keep losing until it changes.

Liberals and progressives want to take care of the social issues, no doubt, but they’re also humans who have the basic human needs of food, shelter and clothing:- the economy in educated speak. Hungry, homeless people don’t care very much about who gets an abortion or who can marry who, and that’s the reality. The Democratic party would do well to acknowledge that reality, and change accordingly, if it wants to start winning elections again.


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