April 24, 2018
DNC’s Master Puppeteers?

Pointers are beginning to emerge that the DNC may have rigged the election that produced Tom Perez as the DNC chair due to irregularities detected during the ballots. The election which was held on Saturday, February 25 2017 is beginning to feel like de ja vu to many progressives in the party in the light of the emerging facts.

The first round of voting gave Perez 213.5 to Keith Ellison’s 200. That didn’t produce enough majority so they went into a second round of voting. The second round gave Perez 235 votes to Ellison’s 200 finally giving him enough majority and the DNC chair.

However, DNC rules clearly stipulates that voters names and who they voted for must be released at the end of every ballot for transparency reasons, and also for the candidates to go and try to convince voters to switch their votes in the second round. This was not done by the DNC, and they went straight into the second round of ballots where Perez won his majority.

Reproduced here is the 2017 Rules of Procedure For The Election of DNC Officers.

“As secret ballots are not permitted, a paper or electronic record of the votes as recorded by electronic mechanism or roll call, shall be made available to an authorized representative for each of the candidates as soon as practicable following each ballot.”

This is the rule the DNC broke by not making the voting records available to the candidates before the second round of ballots. It must also be made known that the DNC has yet to release the voting records up till now, and that is something which should not be a secret.

So, where is the transparency? What was the DNC hiding when they refused to obey their own rules by releasing the voting records of the election to the candidates before going into a second ballot, and what are they hiding that has made them refuse to release the records of the election which produced their new chair up till now? 


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  • Let them go ahead and cheat. They’ve already made sure we have Trump in 2020 again, at this point what difference does it make?


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