April 25, 2018

Sentence review of the Supreme Military Court of Libya on case of 19 citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus is again postponed on 29th of May. But in view of a situation developing in the country it is not known, whether it will take place in general. It would not like to believe that human lots will be again staked in political tricks of Tripoli. Oh, long-suffering Libya! May Allah protect you! What have the infinite discords and feud made with you?

The second year successively country has been in a fever because of mutinies and clan struggle. Brother has fought against brother. In the country chaos dominates. Formerly prospering country that is rich in natural resources has been ruined. Only oil-producing industry of all branches is beginning to be revived gradually. The budget gain from oil selling was reduced in 4 times, from agriculture in 3 times. According to IMF bank activity in Libya has fallen to level of the middle of 70th years. The unemployment rate in the country has reached 44 per cent. Nobody can tell yet when peace and tranquility return to Libya. Half a year has passed after forming of new Ali Zeidan government at the end of last year. Gradually the policy of compromise and peace restoration is beginning to develop in the country. But moderate views of Libyan current government had not to be wanted to radical Islamites. The Misrat’s clan headed by Abdelrahman Suehli and country’s Mufti al-Sacliq al-Ghiryani do everything with support of Qatar and French funds to destabilise situation in region and to dethrone Zeidan cabinet. After 4 months of comparative quiet there have been new explosions again in the country, only for last month terrorist acts in Bengasi have carried away lives of more than 30 civil Libyans, the peace people are suffering and perishing. The country lives under blood feud laws. Revolution in Libya turns into constant process. Manifestations and meetings have become ordinary events for ordinary Libyans.

The situation in the country has become complicated to such limits that any day discontented crowd can surround any ministry or storm police station. At the beginning of 2012 Asian investors group directed the French expert Samjuel Loran to Libya him to estimate situation in the country and to describe risks and possibilities created by revolution. The nation in great agony appeared to his eyes whose underpinnings are being destroyed by violence and anarchy, by feudal dissociation. One more obvious problem of “young democracy” is armed Islamic insurgents freely crossing country borders. According The Financial Times the situation is: “groups of gunmen occupy oil installations; local tribes demand work blocking oilfields and export marine terminals”. Considering country instability diplomatic missions’ staff and large commercial companies (British Petroleum, Chevron, etc.) of the USA and Great Britain have been temporarily taken away from the country. We have to remind on 23 April near embassy of France in Tripoli the mine-strewn car was blown up. In May one more self-made bomb was exploded in capital of Libya near diplomatic mission of Algeria, Greece and Saudi Arabia. For diplomatic mission safety in Libya the USA have thrown 500 marines of Immediate Response Forces on Italian island of Sicily. Because of such situation activity of state authorities are petrified.

The government is near resignation, calls to change of power are repeatedly sounding in Tripoli. So that nobody watches observance of inalienable human rights and freedoms in Libya.

So, who needs the rights? Clans and Kalashnikov solve everything here.

I made a stress on rights of foreigners remaining in Libya. As a matter of fact, all of them are deprived of civil rights, and some of them are pure and simple a small change for the Libyan political establishment. Human life in the country is not to amount to a hill of beans. So, let alone foreigners working at oil-refining terminals, hospitals, repair works, etc. Several days ago the news spread quickly the world that five citizens of Serbia were taken back home after long 21 months in Libyan captivity. They were accused of mercenarism in favour of Gaddafi’s regime. Owing to multimonthly negotiations the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has managed to convince the Libyan justice that Serbians worked in Libya at road building and nowise participating in any combat activity. Now lots of 19 citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus convicted by Supreme Military Court for ostensibly cooperation with Gaddafi’s regime are still uncertain. They were arrested approximately at the same time as mentioned Serbs. An open secret, that foreign ministers of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have protested the decision of judicial bodies of Libya demanding sentence revision. And everybody knows for sure that the rights of the condemned Slavs in Libya aren’t observed by anybody. The Libyan justice ignores the right to fair and unbiased litigation as well as the right to appeal. Because of chaos in the country case revision is postponed again and already for a long time probably. Now the whole Islamic world has started to prepare for Ramadan, it means that appeal session of the Court on case of the condemned Ukrainians in Libya will be suspended. As matters stand, it would be expedient to extradite 19 citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus from Libya just like five Serbian citizens. It would be worthy gesture of good will!

Libya: Rule of law or rule of insurgents

Amnesty International keeps a wary eye on a progress in Libya. Our organisation called the Libyan authorities repeatedly for the maximum restraint, as well as for cessation of detains and tortures people arbitrarily. Day by day the situation becomes more and more complicated. Insurgents do not lay down arms continuing to commit atrocities; withal arrests, tortures and murders remain unpunished. The judicial system still does not function qualifiedly, the public processes are most likely either unduly politicized or pursue the goal of “public flogging”. Seeing what is going on, we should not behold silently infringement of inalienable rights and freedoms of person. I urge all the people of good will to combine the efforts throwing a lifeline to 19 Slavs and several more tens and even hundreds of foreign citizens contained in Libyan captivity. I address to Serbia with the request to render the advisory and intermediary assistance for Slavic countries in successful dialogue with the Libyan authorities.

Lets arm ourselves with patience …

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