August 20, 2018

President Trump came away from the G20 Summit held in Hamburg with a very important cease fire agreement with Russia. The cease fire is in Southwestern Syria, a part of Syria where conflict between the two countries was most likely due to both countries backing opposing factions in the war.


Speaking to the press after the agreement, the Russian leader referred to a ceasefire and “de-escalation agreement” for southwestern Syria reached by the United States, Russia and Jordan. Mr Putin also welcomed the news that the US had appointed a new envoy to try to solve the Ukraine crisis.

Mr Putin said “certain precursors” had been established for improved relations between Russia and the US. He said he had “established personal relations” with Mr Trump and added the US President “is very different than on TV”. The pair had  and agreed to the new ceasefire agreement for Syria in their first fact-to-face meeting.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was pleased that Mr Trump and Mr Putin had finally met, and expressed hope the dialogue between the two leaders would continue. Ms Merkel said there were certain problems in the world that could only be solved through co-operation between the US and Russia. She said: “It can only be a good thing if there is an honest, frank dialogue.”

It’s obvious from reports from around the world, that everybody around the world, including other important world leaders, think it’s a good thing for Russian and the United States to have a good relationship, and work together. They all think it’s a good thing that the leaders of both countries met and were able to negotiate a cease fire in Syria that would save lives, and could possibly be an important step that might help bring peace to that war torn country.

So, what does the American corporate propaganda machine think about that achievement? Ho hum, yawn, that’s what, judging from the attention it has been getting. In fact, the most attention it’s gotten is a few lines hidden away in obscure corners of a few websites, buried in the propaganda about Russia meddling in our election.

The headlines have all literally been about how Mr Trump had wasted tax payer money on a jaunt that has achieved absolutely nothing. In fact, a video of Mr Trump appearing to have been snubbed for a handshake by the first lady of Poland got more attention in the U.S. media than an important cease fire agreement that could potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives, many of which could be American lives.

But that’s how the American media operates these days. Every story about President Trump must be negative in order to fall in with the narrative they’re working very hard to shape. All effort must be made to minimize anything good that Mr Trump does while any perceived bad thing or misstep must be amplified to levels where they will drown out any chances the good things have of being noticed by the people.

That’s why all the stories about the cease fire agreement, when you could find them, in the American media was drowned out by prattle about how Mr Trump did not push Putin and get him to confess to meddling in American presidential election. Basically, the cease fire would get about two lines in a fifty line story that was supposed to be about it, and the rest of the story would be about the Russian hacking.

It’s been obvious that the establishment want a conflict with Russia, so this cease fire is not good news for them. A conflict with Russia would escalate weapons sales, and that would mean more money in their pockets. What they wanted, as their candidate in the presidential election kept harping on, was a no fly zone in that area of Syria, and that would have been the shortest and surest way to an armed conflict with Russia.

'The closer we get, the more complex it gets.' White House struggles on strategy as Islamic State nears defeat in Iraq and Syria

Instead, President Trump chose to go the way of peace and negotiated a cease fire, and they’re not liking it one bit. This is another example of why they don’t like Mr Trump very much and are fighting tooth and nail to tarnish his image and presidency. He is not someone they control who will do their bidding whenever they want.

If Hillary Clinton had won they election, it’s clear that America would either be at war with Russia, right now, or we would be very close to it. With Trump it’s different. The establishment is dealing with a president they don’t own and control, for the first time in a long time, and the result is this all out war against the man through their propaganda arm, or, as Americans call it, the mainstream media.

The animosity is so strong that Mr Trump has been left in a situation where he has to use social media, especially twitter, to get his message out because he doesn’t trust the mainstream media to tell the truth. This is probably why Mr Trump sent out the following tweets to tell the story from his own side.

If you listened to the propaganda machine during the G20 Summit and over the last few days, all you probably heard was the same old, tired lies about how Russia meddled in our election, and elected our president. Somewhere within that drivel, you probably heard a little about the cease fire in a way that minimized its importance so much that you didn’t give it a second thought.

so, who would blame the president for finding a way to get his message out to the people?


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