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We now stand at the fork in the road whereby something as simple as a “decision” will determine the fate of humanity. The world elite -the “powers that be” have plans of their own.

Their plan is to reduce the world’s population from 7 billion to fewer than 1 billion in a short order of time. From their perspective the idea of launching a thermonuclear war would accelerate the process in meeting that objective.

The alternative future is that we go to Mars. This prospect of space exploration may appear ridiculous to some of you, especially in a time of crisis, however, it is exactly the type of national and International (((policy))) that needs to be realized in order to pull humanity away from war and out of a financial and economic crisis.

What does this mission to Mars mean to the whole of humanity? Do you understand the implications to initiate such an imperative? Not only are we talking about the future survival of humanity, but it’s more about developing the creative power potential of the human species to the point that it represents its humanity as an advance civilization on this planet.

A vision for such a future will shape the social and political landscape and secure relations between nations and determine the national and International policies that we must consider today -to redirect humanity away from needless wars and move toward the development of sovereign nation states worldwide working together for the common aims of mankind. Taking steps towards meeting the challenges of going to Mars is a mission that would peacefully unify the world.

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