Great waves of change are starting to crash against our world, so to be able to navigate and survive the challenging times ahead, we must prepare. We must prepare on all levels I.e Mentally, Emotionally, Practically, and Spiritually.

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Download ‘Steps To Knowledge’

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  • You are destroying the earth i’m sending mother nature too get u shut all down I’m sprirtual I have ideas for the earth I don’t want money it doesn’t mean nothing too me its plastic you think u rule the earth no u don’t mother nature does and u can’t do nothing about it not even the slightest chance I happy too help u can become what ever but mother nature will win at the end of the day earthquake has arrived and so much more will come plus you lose money and vale too late now but u could change all that but your money is stuck up ur asses selfish persons I no all your screats and plans I no everything I see in too the future I ask my self everyday how do I no that I will be going on too current affairs I will find every possible way I will never give up on the earth or other people I’m gonna ask everyone on this earth was there options and vewies about the earth what they wanna see a change how will be a future for all the children when ur taking there dreams away from the future by distroy the earth then u move too mars and destroy the earth and find more earths and keep distorting them too what happens if there is no more earth what u gonna do then I guess nothing