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They are all a part of the plan to bring about a New World Order.

Many Americans still don’t fully understand the consequences or the sacrifices that citizens will have endure under the rule of a New World Order. The sacrifice is Liberty and Justice for all. The consequences are a fascist police state, and a modern twist on human slavery.

The American System under the US Constitution is being dismantled one policy at a time. The fall of any great nation is never at the hands of just one person, it is usually a group of covert operating agents pulling the strings and leavers slowly and methodically changing and weakening the integrity of the nation state, policy-by-policy, usually behind closed doors until the nation falls to its demise.

To successfully destroy a nation covertly you have to have enemy of the state operating within the government. In the case of America the enemy of the state is Barack Obama.  The evidence shows that Obama is a secretion of the CIA. Yet, he is a British-owned asset; and has been profiled as a failed personality that of Nero or Hitler to serve as Dictator of the now North American Union. People don’t see the obvious shift in government policy that toke place weeks ago when Obama changed the structure of the US Government with his creation of the 12 body Supper-Congress.

So let me make this clear: Obama has no loyalty and no interest to America as a nation. He fraudulently occupies the presidency of the US to act as Commander and Chief. He has taken over the authority of the Congress to pass legislation that undermines the US Constitution.

Any legislation that is in the interest of America to the benefit of the American people he opposes. The Glass-Steagall Act is a stellar example of this. Any legislation that down-grades the conditions of America he passes.  The “Budget Cutting Programs” such as NASA’s Space program is a stellar example of this. What Americans need to realize is every day that Obama remains in office; he personally vindicates LaRouche’s warning that he is nothing more than a British-owned failed personality and that his continuation in the presidency will result in the destruction of America as a nation.

To prove this point in his recent actions: As reported in the Washington Time by ALICIA A. CALDWELL -Associated Press Thursday, September 1, 2011 in her article titled:

Post-9/11, emergency radios still not connected

“Amid the chaos of the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001, emergency responders found they could not communicate with each other. That problem persist 10 years later, according to a review of the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations. The following are highlighted excerpts …

“A National Preparedness Group report released Wednesday concludes that the recommendation that a nationwide broadband network for emergency responders be created “continues to languish.”

“Law enforcement and emergency responders around the country have long supported the creation of the communication network. In January, President Barack Obama announced his support for allocating the radio space, known as the D-block spectrum, to police and other emergency workers.

“Bills that would set aside the D-block and create a communications network have been introduced in both the House and the Senate this year but so far have not been passed in either chamber.

“$3.1 billion could help pay to build a public safety communications network and create a nationwide communications network for national emergency communications plan to improve emergency coordination across different jurisdictions.” ~ end of article excerpts~

This issue is a nationwide problem with a viable solution at hand for the interest of America as a Nation. There are two points here to understand: 1) Obama’s failure to act on a real solution in the interest of America and 2) His proposed solution is another Hitler style policy.  There is pattern of criminal negligence from President Obama for not acting decisively to resolve this issue. Here’s why … If in the event of a catastrophic disaster were to occur in the US; whether it be an 8-9.0 Earthquake, a devastating Tornado or Hurricane, the lives that would otherwise be saved would parish because of the emergency responder’s inability to communicate effetely to coordinate rescue plans due to not having a proper public safety communication network in place.

Sure, Obama can find the time to pass bailout legislation in the interest to cover criminal losses from foreign and domestic banks to the tune of trillions of dollars within a matter of weeks, and yet, he fails to bring about a simple resolution by allocating the funds needed for the creation of a real Emergency Responder Communication Network for the nation.

A pattern of criminal negligence is a strong accusation but it fits the profile of President Obama’s actions …or shall we say inactions. To this end, Obama’s actions speak louder than his words. This should be a wakeup call to every American to see that Obama does not care to act in the interest of the American people.

Think about this for a moment. The US Government with Obama as (Commander and Chief) has and can allocate within weeks, if not days, or by the stroke of a pen, allocate -$3.1 Billion to Israel in foreign aid; and or allocate billions of dollars on needless wars in the middle east; but when it come to policies that should serve in the interest of the American people, he’s out to lunch or out playing gulf. This so called –president has dragged his feet for 8 months and can’t allocate $3.1 billion to establish America’s Emergency Responder Communication Network?

Here is the kicker ….Obama always has two sides to “his” (his master’s) proposals. He presents the happy-go-lucky side to get Congress’s approval, and hides the ugly side which usually makes matters worse for the nation.

For example:  What is hypocritical about Obama –is his plan to steal away 25% of the frequencies used by disaster service ham radio operators, to raise money under a “frequency auction”. Yes, the expected $10 Billion will be parsed into a national 4G wireless network that will turn every postal truck, police care, fire engine and ambulance into an intelligence gathering sensor.

At least in the U.K. their CCTV surveillance system is fixed upon lamp poles. Under this new 1984 police intelligence network, Obama and Homeland Security will get their 4G dream. Fingerprints, facial recognition, access to credit reports and phone records; it is all on the table for this new “First Responder Network”.

How dare Obama hide his evil intentions behind the mask of “First Responders” who need “emergency radios.” Our nation has spent almost five billion dollars on emergency radios since 911. Los Angeles County alone has received $453 million in “emergency radio” funds. And yet, they need more? And emergency radios still not connected?

The sooner we get Obama out -the sooner we can focus on getting America back on track with a real economic recovery plan. Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. clearly outlines the plan for a global economic recovery and the only person standing in the away as an impediment to implementing that plan is your truly Barack Obama.  Get him out, and get him out now if you still want to have a nation called America!

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