September 26, 2018

President Trump has so far been every inch as bad as I thought he’d be, even as I hoped he’d surprise me and be better. Yes, I knew he’d be bad. I mean, you couldn’t watch him during the campaign and not know he’d be a horrible president, but, despite how horrible he’s been, I still believe he’s a better choice than Hillary Clinton. I’m still glad he became president ahead of Hillary Clinton, and this is why.

Hillary Clinton would have smoothly continued the surreptitious destruction of the middle and lower classes like Obama did over eight years, and not many people would have noticed, just like not many noticed the terrible harm Obama did.

This is because the Neoliberalism that was conceptualized, packaged and introduced into the Democratic party by former President Bill Clinton is a well thought out deception machine that wraps evil in angel skin, and delivers it to you. Neoliberalism is simply the bitter pill of conservatism wrapped in sugar coating thereby making it easier to sneak it to you to swallow without realizing what it truly is. Then after you’ve swallowed it, the sugar coating comes off, and you’re surprised to realize that what you’re getting are the same results you would only expect to get from the bitter conservative pill.

That is why, despite how good you felt about President Obama and his nice “progressive” policies, the outcome is the fastest bottom to top wealth migration which led to the largest wealth and income inequality in American history. That is why despite coming to power railing against the Iraq war, and America’s war mongering in general, Obama dropped over 26,000 bombs in 2016, his last year in office, alone. I don’t know how many he dropped over his eight years in office, and I don’t know if such stats exist, but you get my point.

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I don’t know if the policies which President Trump is proposing, if accepted and implemented, could do better or worse than what Obama’s “progressive” policies did, but that’s the good thing about Republican policies: – you see how bad they are from the get go, and begin to fight them right away.

That way, most of them don’t get to see the light of day, and are defeated with pressure from all corners. Democrat policies, which are basically the same as the Republican policies, by the way, are sugar coated a and sneaked by you.

Have you ever thought about the fact that Democrats have been in charge of our national government for sixteen out of the last twenty four years, and what that means in relation to where we are right now, economically? What it means is that Democrat policies are two thirds responsible for the economic mess we’re facing, yet they’re supposed to be the “better” option.

The point of my write up is that, though Trump is a mess as a president, I’m still very glad that Hillary Clinton lost the election. Trump is governing like a typical Repulican with ‘in your face’ wicked policies which you can see, and fight.

Hillary Clinton would have sneaked the exact same policies by you in typical Neoliberal fashion, and continued the destabilization of America’s middle and lower classes, with little or no challenge. There’s a reason Democrats have ruled sixteen out of the last twenty four years, but are still seen by many to be the lesser evil, or better option in this mess we’re in.

I hope more Americans will have their eyes opened so they can be held accountable, and forced to change back to real progressive policies and values.

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  • It’s about DESTROYING the Treasonous Clinton NeoLib DNC, so we can have a PROGRESSIVE alternative to the Right. First step in that journey is CRUSHING all Hillaryinstas like the fake “feminist/liberal” bugs they are!

    I once heard anti-privacy advocate Jeff Jarvis say come with a straight face “I’m a Hillary liberal “. That should tell you all you need to know about my Jeff Jarvis needs to be squashed Worse than anybody….


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