February 24, 2024

10 Starter questions to help you get “woke.” and stay woke.


Stay Woke

Being “woke” otherwise known as being politically aware is a big thing today in the American political arena. On social media, you would hear people talking about how they are woke and imploring others to get woke. As a service to this new found need to get woke, I have compiled a list of questions which I believe will help Americans get woke and stay woke, if they can answer or find answers  to them. 

These are the ten starter questions I believe that every American must try to answer or find answers to in order to begin to understand how politics works in America.

1. Why aren’t you allowed to just spend money you make, but must instead borrow money from banks and pay interest in order to have any financial recognition? (Credit System)

2. Why is the health of the economy only measured on how much money banks and corporations are making, no matter how bad it is for the common people? (Financial Markets)

3. Why is America’s Central Bank (The Federal Reserve) which is charged with circulating and controlling the national currency independent and outside the control of the American government?     (American people)

4. Why was Glass/Steagall repealed? Find out what it is, if you don’t know.

5. Why is lobbying legal? Lobbying is another name for bribery, in case you didn’t know, so why is it legal for Wall Street banks and corporations to bribe people running our government?

6. Why do you need to be very rich, or have rich backers to be able to run for political office in America? Why is Citizens United a thing?

7. Why is there one set of laws for our government officials, and a different set for everybody else? Think healthcare.

8. Why is the media set-up controlled by just six corporations? In 1983, 90% of American media was owned by 50 companies. Now, that same 90% is controlled by 6 corporations. Why?

9. Why are our fights for “freedom” always in far away countries, and always in such countries as have some sort of natural resources –  like oil, for example?

10.Why can’t our government give loans directly to the citizens without first handing it to banks who then attach their profit to it, making it more expensive for the citizens? Why do we have to         pay banks first in order to get a loan from our government?

This is obviously not exhaustive so if you have any more you believe are pertinent, please leave them in your comments and I will add the best to this list.

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  • Another one: Why is every American indoctrinated from birth into the myth that our government is founded on a “two party system,” even though the U.S. Constitution says nothing about a “two party system” and even though our nation’s First President, George Washington, warned against the corruption and negativity inherent in political parties? Also, why do our public and private schools no longer require students to study George Washington’s “Farewell Address” to the nation (which warns agains the evils inherent in political parties)? Also, why is it so rare for U.S. Attorneys, the US Justice Department, and the federal courts to prosecute, let along bring to justice, Congressmen, Senators, political party bosses, and other politicians? And why are the courts, U.S. Attorneys, etc. appointed by these same people?


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