January 22, 2022


That is actually her name, the communications student, fashion geek and Actress has shown passion for the arts.

Now working on a brand new clothes line for Thick and Curvy women as herself, she promises to bring new ideas to the Curvy side of fashion and promises to listen to the ones who really need to be listen too, THE CURVY WOMEN out there who sometimes can’t find anything to wear due to their Curvy bodies.

Deliz has already landed various deals that includes one in Paris, A promotion world tour and upcoming store in

New York City famous 5th ave.

So far there are over 200 investors interested in this new brand

One of her main goals is to help the homeless by making homeless shelters

So let’s wish this young lady  ALL the best  and hope to see her in major fashion shows including the



Deliz is becoming one of the youngest CEO’S in history

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