February 17, 2019
On September 17, the Russian Defense Ministry presented a new version of Boeing MH17 accident cause brought down by the pro-Russian fighters in the sky over Donbass in 2014. According to new information of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Malaysian plane was shot down by the Ukrainian rocket. Comments were prompt. Independent European and American experts flayed ill-starred reporters of the Russian Defense Ministry. In addition, Eliot Higgins, the founder of Bellingcat, gave his comment on it, having called a new version of Russians “the act of despair”. He expressed opinion that “the new truth” of the Russian Ministry of Defense would hardly influence judges and once again confirmed indisputability of the Russian military involvement to the crash of MH17. The statement of the Russian Defense Ministry appeared on the threshold of the UNGA meeting where results of Malaysian Boeing crash investigation had to become one of the main topics for discussion. Apparently, Kremlin falls into despair understanding inevitability of Hague Tribunal. In fact, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has nothing but to present new and new versions about the Ukrainian trace, allegedly forged photos of the Buk missile system, and contradictory origin of the missile launched from it. Nevertheless, all efforts of the Russian military fantasts are vain. Results of Bellingcat investigations and the official joint investigation team (JIT) clearly indicate that both the Buk and the missile launched from it were of the Russian origin. Prosecutor’s offices of the Netherlands and Australia have prepared the evidentiary base confirming that the missiles elements which struck the Malaysian plane in accuracy coincide with elements of a military unit of the Russian antiaircraft missile 9M38M1 - the Buk-M1-2. This time the Russian Defense Ministry based its version on “research” of the fragments of a missile found on the scene. At the same time and there was a question left without explanation, why in due time the Joint investigation team did not receive the similar answer on the request, addressed to Russia, for origin of a rocket. According to Mr. Higgins, nobody perceives in seriousness the versions of Boeing MH17 crash periodically disseminated by Russia. All have already got used that it is impossible to trust any information distributed by the Russian Defense Ministry as in the past it was often caught on lies and providing fabricated “proofs”. The British expert is categorical that the statements of the Russian Defense Ministry are not only mendacious, but also are not logical. It is obvious that the Russian Defense Ministry is not interested in establishment of the true causes of the accident. During the briefing, the Russian side said that a missile, which did not leave the territory of Ukraine after 1986, had brought down MH-17. The investigation has incontestable facts confirming that the Buk, which launched a missile at the Boeing MH17, arrived from Russia. So where is logic? A new lie from Shoygu’s department will cause no more than irritation. Those who seriously take statements of the Russian Ministry of Defense are people who just want to believe that Ukraine is responsible. But the investigation has incontestable proofs that Russia sent the Buk, from which the Boeing MH17 was shot down, to the territory of Ukraine. The lie of Russia that sounds for four years of the investigation will hardly make today desirable effect. However, this is not the whole story. Trying to cheat all civilized world, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation and its proteges has decided to implement one more adventure. After the press conference the duplicating information explosion was made: allegedly the missile launched from the Buk had been delivered by Ukraine to Georgia, and then during war of 2008, taken by Russia and transported to the Russian territory. Psychological plan is simple. Russians expected that experts and journalists would grasp at this information and would call into question the fact established by the investigation that the Boeing MH17 was hit by the missile 9МЗ8 М1 launched from the Russian Buk, which arrived into the territory of Ukraine from the Russian Kursk. It is clear to everyone that Russia is just trying to delay investigation. The minister of security and justice of the Netherlands Stef Blok has the same opinion. But in spite of the fact that the Netherlands investigators have already spent a lot of time to exclude any fake versions of Kremlin, the investigation team is ready to check all “proofs” provided by the Russian Defense Ministry just further to avoid charges of bias. However, in connection with the “new evidence” provided by Russia about allegedly involvement of the Ukrainian side in air crash we may have more serious conclusion… Perhaps Russia really used the Ukrainian missile for the Buk, taken out from Georgia and consciously shot down the foreign plane to defame Ukraine. There is a hope that thanks to the modern technologies and numerous “traces” (photos and videos with geotags) posted in social networks the investigation will have opportunities to establish the truth and to make guilty responsible persons.
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