April 18, 2021

A passenger Boeing 737-700 hit a bear while landing. It happened in Alaska, and the flight was operated by Alaska Airlines. The animal, unfortunately, died, writes RIA Novosti with reference to the Anchorage Daily News. So, this story happened on Saturday. Before the plane was supposed to land, employees cleared the runway before the plane was due to land, according to Alaska Department of Transportation Public Affairs Sam Dapchevich. But as the aircraft landed, the pilots noticed two bears running. Sam Dapchevich said that the front wheel of the chassis did not hit the animals, but there was a blow from the left. This happened after the bears ran under the aircraft. So, as a result of the emergency, a bear died, the second animal, fortunately, survived. Fortunately, the passengers of the flight, as well as its crew, were not injured. The plane was damaged: the left engine hood was damaged. According to the airline, it will take several days for repairs, and then the aircraft will again be taken on a passenger flight. It is known that this is the first time in history when a bear was hit by a plane. So, deer, geese and other animals have already come across.

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