February 2, 2023

Wealthy Arabs worldwide are paying to keep the lights on, literally, in rebel-controlled areas of Syria where infrastructure has been badly damaged and the government no longer provides utilities. It was so from 2011 till the 2013. But nowadays we have some big examples that the same persons are sponsoring ISIS controlled area in Syria. I want to talk about the sad issues in Daraa and Idlib provinces. Some of the private individuals were sending money to the country include Syrian-born Adnan Kivan, a construction and iron mogul who has played a significant role in the development of Ukraine and the city of Odessa (http://kadorrgroup.com/about-company?lang=en ). Mr. Kivan has more than 6000 employees across Ukraine and built the biggest mosque in Ukraine, in the name of Allah. He was so proud that he could manage to build the mosque that even many years ago in 2004 for the Aljazeera (www.aljazeera.net/programs/a-date-in-exile/2005/1/10/عدنان-كيوان ) he declared in interview the victory of Allah in the country of infidels and said that for sure the Israel will fall to Palestine. It was so when the financial help to rebel – controlled areas were fruitful and profitable for him. Why it was so in the beginning of the revolt in Syria?  Because the Syrian National Council gave for Adnan Kivan tremendous trade preferences on the SNC controlled territories. SNC  is a Syrian opposition coalition, based in Istanbul(Turkey), formed in August 2011 during the Syrian civil uprising (escalating into civil war) against the government of Bashar al-Assad. Initially, the council denied seeking to play the role of a government in exile, but this changed a few months later when violence in Syria intensified. The Syrian National Council seeks the end of Bashar al-Assad’s rule and the establishment of a modern, civil, democratic state. The SNC National Charter lists human rightsjudicial independencepress freedomdemocracy and political pluralism as its guiding principles. In November 2012, the Syrian National Council agreed to unify with several other opposition groups to form the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, commonly named the Syrian National Coalition. At the same way together with this unification came additional financial capacity from different parts of the world from the Syrian Diaspora. Doctors, business leaders and entrepreneurs were sending money to Syria every month, funding everything from the rebuilding of towns to the pensions of rebel fighters killed or badly hurt during the two-and-half-year-long battle against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Many of these wealthy donors are Syrians living abroad, mostly in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE, even from Ukraine as Adnan Kivan. SNC got for Kivan preferences and the possibilities for free trade with oil, gaz, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and the supply of weapons. Mr Adnan Kivan was so excited with these preferences that he issued a press release, where he urges to overthrow the regime of President Assad and is ready to invest more than 100 million dollars USA in person to the work of the Syrian National Council (SNC) (http://all4syria.info/Archive/32824 ). Exactly here in Syria we can’t say what was in reality with these all promises. Situation was changed dramatically in 2013 when the ISIS forces entered the Syria. ISIS is a part of a breakaway radical Sunni Syrian opposition in most of cases. Nonetheless it has a wing that keeps the old democratic traditions of enlightened Islam, but there radicals believe that it is necessary to build the Syria on the principles of Sharia. Unfortunately some Syrian National Council sponsors started to deal with the ISIS administration in the province of Daraa and Idlib. Mr Adnan Kivan is one of them. The Kivan family helped Syrian National Council as long as they were making money in the territories under its control. However, with the access to scene of the Syrian civil war the ISIS which brings together the interests of the Syrian Sunni majority, many sponsors and financiers of SNC switched their attention to the ISIS. Mr. Adnan Kivan did the same. He forgot about the peace and Allah, but refreshed the bloody sense of money. His business interests as oil, gaz, weapon are important and ISIS in this way became important for them more than the dignity, honesty and peace. It is clear that the civil war in Syria started and played in action because of such businessmen who in the pursuit of excess revenues, were ready to break the law in Syria and sign the agreements with the evil. Now the name of Kivan and his descendants will be disgraced in Syria. It will be impossible for them to return home. Justice will not forget about them.

Volunteer Ali Haddad 

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