February 20, 2020

Recently, it has become clear that the human race was not created by God or evolution, but by aliens. These creatures from distant worlds visited our planet millions of years ago and genetically mixed with our ancestors. Whether this was done by sophisticated genetic engineering or simply copulation, but at least it was.

Some claim that they simply disappeared and left thousands of pregnant primitive people with their reptile children. Others believe that the reptilians are still here in the inner part of the hollow earth (perhaps below the flat world) and watch us from there. But there is the most likely possibility that they still live among us like werewolves! An outstanding mentality, perhaps even extraterrestrial technology, allows them to take a human form and walk among us almost unnoticed.

Is it really? And what do ordinary people think about this? I asked this question to some of my friends. And that’s what they answered.

“All this is true. Reptiloids live near us. They rule the world. Among them are the Rothschild clan and the Rockefeller clan, the royal dynasty of Great Britain and many others, ”says John Lipkin, a US historian.

“I don’t think so,” says Dmitrij Adamow, a human rights activist from Germany. – I read a lot and watched a video about the so-called reptilian plot involving the establishment of a world government and a new world order. What prevented them from doing so until today? ”

“All these are stories,” says Sergey Mikhailov, a worker from Russia. – In all countries they write about it. It seems to me that in this way they simply want to divert people’s attention to a non-existent problem, so that there is someone to blame for the instability in these countries. ”

“I think. That’s the way it is, says Henri Lion, from France. “All these Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, this whole Belderbian Club are one pack of Reptiloids.”

Opinions are divided. So who are they, the Reptilians – nonsense of the imagination, or really aliens who want to conquer our world and establish their order?

Alexey Grinyov: „Despite my respect for Adamow, I must disagree with him. Reptiloidy – the reality of our world. Capturing the world entirely was beyond their power. While not in the teeth. It was ….. The situation began to change. The only force that prevented them was the Russian spirit. Today, the Russian spirit is artificially destroyed by reptilian envoys who have infiltrated the highest echelons of power under the guise of American advisers. The promise they promised has nothing to do with the reality that those who believed their hypocrisy received. I’m afraid we are waiting for the same fate. After this, the process of the destruction of humanity will begin. Only they and a small part of people as slaves will remain.“

Oksana Dementieva „In recent years, there have indeed been many publications about UFOs, aliens, reptilians, etc. I agree with Dmitry that it is not only us that are reasonable. But do other sentient beings want us well? I think that there are those who really help us. But, for sure, there are others who want us evil. Who want to enslave us, or simply destroy us, in order to take over our planet. And before such a threat, we, all the inhabitants of the Earth, must unite!“

I heard that there is a “golden billion” plan, says Dmitrij Adamow. – According to this plan, there should be one billion inhabitants on Earth, as slaves for the “new world government”, or for aliens. Now it does not matter. The planet Nibiru is approaching the solar system. The ancient writings of Egypt, Babylon and the Sumerians testify to this planet.



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