December 5, 2023

After many years of being taken in by the Democratic party’s neoliberal bullshit, Americans have woken up to realize that there’s no difference in their lives, despite all the promises, and that what they have is just a different route to the same results as the ones they fear from Conservatism.

The result of this realization is that the Democratic party has lost grip all around the country, in all levels of government; – from school boards, to city councils, to state legislatures, to government houses, to Congress and, finally, the presidency.

Democrats have lost it all because they have been found out for the horrible liars and back biters they are. They have been found out to be nothing but a group of deceitful and horrible human beings who would smile in your face with barefaced lies, but kill you slowly from behind your back with insidious legislation that end up achieving the same results you feared from conservatives.

This is why nobody is buying their lies anymore, and they can no longer win elections. It is telling that Republicans have won all the special elections that have been held since the 2016 presidential election.

The fact that this is the case despite how horrible the establishment mainstream media has made the new president look, should be enough evidence to prove my assertions here. It got so bad that a Republican candidate who literally beat up a journalist still won his election against the Democrat who was supposed to have everything working in his favor.

That’s no surprise given that Donald Trump won the presidency despite running the worst election campaign in the world’s history of election campaigns. That win was the bold writing on the wall that exposed what had been happening in the shadows throughout Obama’s eight years in office.

It began in the 2010 midterms, during which even then President Obama agreed that his party had taken a shellacking, and continued through the 2012 cycle. Even though Obama won a second term for himself, his party kept losing seats in all levels of government.

The chart below shows the losses suffered since 2008 by the Democrats.

Image result for chart of democrat seats before and after Obama

The Democrats love to explain these losses away as “Americans voting against their own interests” but I’m sure it must have begun to sound dated and stupid, even to themselves and their most loyal supporters.

The reason for the losses is very clearly because Americans have not seen any of the promises made by the sweet talking Democrats come true, and instead have witnessed the income and wealth inequality in the country grow to levels hitherto unknown in the ┬ácountry’s history.

They have seen their quality of life continue to deteriorate at an alarming rate despite the policies and laws ostensibly put in place by Democrats to help ordinary Americans.

Americans have watched the big banks, Wall Street and other corporations continue to make out like bandits, and grow even bigger and more powerful.

They have watched as the CEOs of these institutions have gone home with outrageous remunerations that run into the tens of millions of dollars per annum while they themselves cannot make enough to even feed and keep their families under a roof.

All this under the Democrats who had promised to be tough on the corporations, and to change the situation.

It’s a very old, and quite popular, saying that “you can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” The Democratic party is witnessing the results of that very old saying right now, but whether they know it is a different proposition.

The answer to that question is not quite clear, given the utterances of the leaders of that party, and the actions being taken by the Democratic National Committee.

It is, or should be, clear to everybody that the people want the party to go back to its liberal base, especially given what happened during the party’s presidential primaries where a self proclaimed democratic socialist was on his way to beating the party establishment chosen neoliberal candidate before being so blatantly rigged out.

The statistics displayed on the chart above will continue to get worse for the Democratic party until it accepts reality and makes the necessary changes. It’s made very obvious that Americans will now chose real conservatives over and over again, instead of pretend liberals.

The party is over for neoliberalism in the Democratic party, and the leaders of that party would do well to realize that and act accordingly if it wants the party to survive.


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