This week at the National Assembly of France, the exiled Iranian Resistance President-elect Mrs. Rajavi had the ears of French legislators, reinforcing points of the her 10 point plan including resistance, steadfastness and fortitude. Themes which had already underpinned her new year speech given just two weeks ago hailing in the Iranian New Year 1395 (2016 in the Gregorian calendar). Alongside this ceremonial political address, the president-elect’s new year video message additionally spoke to the whole Iranian diaspora including refugees, political asylums and those exiled.

By contrast to the new year address when Mrs. Rajavi called on ‘honorable brothers and sisters’, and ‘passionate and energetic youths who want everything new’, this occasion at the National Assembly of France turns attention to starker issues. Those of human rights violations, corrupt elections, and the separation of religion and state. ‘Purity and trust and friendship’, Mrs. Rajavi takes a tolerant tone, reflecting on this ceremonial meeting as a coming together of ‘honorable supporters of the [main] Iranian Resistance group. She notes it being ‘the beginning of the Iranian New Year which is concurrent with the advent of spring.

The president-elect moves on, declaring that she hopes ‘the Iranian New Year to be a year of progress for Europe and France in particular’, making measured comment on the barbaric ‘bitter incidents such as the November 13th tragedy’. Going on then to appeal to the EU to not be taken in by Iran’s President Rouhani who only ‘brags about, bringing about moderation’, but instead, ‘he has brought about more executions in Iran and more war in Syria’. On Syria the president-elect added, however, that given the current state of ceasefire which they ‘detest’, ‘a victory in Syria will no longer be conceivable for the mullahs’.

On the theme of the clerical regime’s capacity for war mongering in both the Middle East but also in Europe, critical of the regime’s ‘repression of Europe’, Mrs. Rajavi was quick to remind the French legislators about this. President Rouhani she reminded them ‘cancelled a visit to Austria [just days ago] because the Austrian Government turned down the Iranian regime’s demand to prevent demonstrations of supporters of the Iranian Resistance. And finally in closing remarks targeting the clerical regime’s possible weak point, referring to the JCPOA nuclear deal framework, that the mullahs’ regime may be facing a ‘deep crisis’, but it’s still nothing but a ‘simmering and volatile’ enemy with it’s interests firmly in maintaining war and exacerbating conflict.

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