February 24, 2020

Senator Bernie Sanders and some supporters.


Dear Senator Sanders,

How are you, and how is life and the rigors of trying to stay straight in a crooked world treating you? I hope this letter finds you in good health, both physically and mentally. My name is Newshound. That’s a pseudonym, of course, but it will suffice for the purpose of this missive. A little about myself before I begin. I’m the type of person you might call a Bernite or Berniecrat. That means, to me, a believer in you and your brand of politics….. a disciple, even. Establishment Democrats and the sheep who follow them would call me a Berniebot in their quest to be derogatory without understanding how proud that makes me, or how proudly I’m willing to wear that label. To cut a long story short, I believe in you, Senator. I love that you’re a good and kind man who wants the good of your fellow human beings, and is willing to put everything on the line in your quest to make things better for everybody.

Having gotten that out of the way, I will be very brief and straight to point with my message to you because I know you’re a busy man with millions of things to do, so, here goes. Seriously, Senator, what the fuck are you still doing in the Democratic party? How do you justify your still being in that party to yourself, never mind anybody else? They didn’t welcome you before the elections which is why you identified as an Independent. They certainly didn’t welcome you during the elections and did everything they could, including try to tarnish your image and call you horrible names, to justify rigging you out. They still don’t welcome you now, and the fact that they have just chosen another establishment stooge to run the Democratic National Committee despite your best efforts to discourage that proves it.  So, Senator, I ask again, what the fuck are you doing there?

You were never a Democrat, Bernie, and trust me, your initial instincts about that party was right, and is still right – I mean your instinct to not be a member of the party, to start with. This country needs you to go back to being an independent, or join a third party – say – the Green party? Or, heck, even form your own party, if you want……anything but stay in that place where your image is beginning to get tarnished by your mere association with them.  Your staying in that party is beginning to look ridiculous, Senator, and I think it would be wise for you to leave now before it starts becoming suspicious. To be candid, I’ve heard murmurs which hint that some are already becoming suspicious of your continued association with that party, but nothing major….yet.

I’ve heard murmurs that you’ve remained because you’ve been paid off by the establishment which is trying to use you to confuse and destabilize the movement you started. I’ve also heard murmurs and rumors that you’ve stayed with the Democrats because you have given up on the movement yourself. In fact, some of the rumors and murmurs almost sound like they’re calling you a turn coat, but, like I said, these are just murmurs and rumors at this point which is why I thought you should know about them as early as possible. I hope you don’t want such murmurs and rumors to gain traction as that would not turn out well for both you and the movement you have engendered.

I promised to be brief and straight forward in this letter so I will end it here, for now, but not before I remind you of that saying about  the wise, and words.   Stay true, Senator.

Sincerely yours,


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