February 24, 2020

On Saturday, July 30, 2011, the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party passed a resolution that encourages Democratic Party members to seek a primary challenger to President Obama in the 2012 election.

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  • Lynnke, I feel similar about our president, but I also recognize the stranglehold bankers have on the world, and their influence is THOROUGH. When he was elected, he had problems immediately with a recalcitrant GOP, and some blue dogs, which watered down his efforts to do the ‘bottom up’ recovery we all know would have worked if it had been large enough. He is now dependent on the same money men who control everything else, and has been defanged. I really do NOT believe anything would change by any viable competitor. He truly IS the ‘smartest man’ in the room, and we have not helped him by staying home in 2010. Remember, he and Pelosi got more accomplished together than any House and WH collaboration in HISTORY. Meanwhile, the bagger assault, well-funded, and promoted by media has taken ‘stupid’ to a level never before seen in this country. Always before, this fringe element has been RELEGATED to the FRINGE. Now, they are the minions of those same money men. We MUST do things that will work! And THAT comes down to getting out the vote for MORE progressives, and more union supporter candidates for the House and Senate. Take a ‘page’ from Wisconsin.

  • Completely agree with cjcalgirl. Obama is fighting against the powers that be and we didn’t give him any help in the midterm elections. The best we can do is stand with him in 2012, and I mean, not only re-elect him, but also to give him back the super majority he needs to get things done. And this time, we should weed out the blue dogs that made the first super majority useless.