February 20, 2020

The Jakarta Provincial Government keeps developing the concept of urban farming 4.0 through Balkot Farm, which is a pilot project in the city hall environment.

Its development involves the Communication, Informatic and Statistic Agency, Maritime, Agriculture and Food Security Agency, and Secretariat General Bureau.

Balkot Farm is launched to support Jakarta Governor’s program related to Design of the Urban Farming 2018-2030 and to realize Governor Instruction No. 14/2018 on Implementation of Urban Farming.

Jakarta Communication, Informatic and Statistic Agency Head, Atika Nurahmania said that it aims to facilitate urban farmers to develop and optimize agricultural products through IoT as a means of agricultural support.

“They (farmers) can use Balkot Farm’s location as a discussion forum in the form of focus group discussion (FGD) and partnership,” she told.

Jakarta Communication, Informatic and Statistic Agency’s Public Information Division Head, Raides Ariyanto explained that IoT development is focused on PH sensors, TDS and Air Temperature, which can be monitored at www.balkotfarm.id.

This Balkot Farm is also an integrator for farmers in urban farming activities through share-based mapping information.

“They can exchange experiences. Soon we’ll develop an application for leaf detection for education on the introduction of plant species,” he stated.

Urban Farming Innovation

Jakarta Maritime, Fishery and Food Security Agency Head, Darjamuni added that its innovation implemented is cheap hydroponics, which can be applied by the people.

“It is hoped can be a pilot for Jakartans. They can develop urban farming without extensive land,” he asserted.

In its development, Jakarta Maritime, Fishery and Food Security Agency’s Agriculture Division Head, Taufik Yulianto admitted that he had held the technical mentoring session (bimtek) and motivation for karang taruna youth organization members and family welfare movement (PKK) cadres on April 22-25, 2019.

“Of five cities and Thousand Islands, we involved 400 youths in urban farming to join bimtek by inviting competent speakers,” he said.

Land Use at City Hall Office

In the other hand, Jakarta General Bureau Head, Firmansyah supports hydroponic garden in City Hall and provides all the needs to implement it.

“We provide electricity, water supply, lamps, CCTVs, and available lands in Block G and Block F. Hopefully this can be a good example of optimizing land use in the office,” he mentioned.

Citizens Welcome Balkot Farm with Enthusiasm

Jakarta KPKP Department introduces Balkot Farm to the citizens by participating in Happies Festival 2019, Lapangan Banteng Park, Central Jakarta. In this event, it was exhibited in Jakarta Smart City booth.

According to Hary, one of Jakarta KPKP Department’s Balkot Farm instructors said citizens are enthusiastic to learn and and can’t wait to innovate when urban farming 4.0 is stabilized.

Indri (21), one of the visitors expressed her interest in urban farming concept by using used materials because it can reduce environmental pollution.

“It is great. I really want to learn to use the used materials for urban farming,”she conveyed.

Other visitors named Jefrry (19), a college student in Jakarta admitted that he is interested in urban farming 4.0 concept which is applied in Balkot Farm.

“It is awesome. Moreover it can be monitored using application,” he said.

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