September 30, 2020

The North American Indians have the inventive method of bear hunting. They hang heavy cobblestone to the tree bough, spread honey over it, then wait until the bear smells out the delicacy, and come out to lick honey from the stone. The stone begins to swing. The annoyed bear needs to make more and more efforts and… finally there comes a point when the stone, picking up high amplitude, send it into the great knockout. Only after that the Indians appear and quickly dress out warm body.

If you try to transpose this situation onto the Kremlin‘s dictator perpetrations for the last several years, as well as onto current activities of some of his followers in Europe you will get the entire gamut.

For Putin, Ukraine is as sweet as honey. “Taiga bear” has already “licked” Crimea and now tries to “bite off” one more piece from Ukraine – Donbass is a territory we are speaking about. Then it may come to the whole “sweetie” Ukraine, following by “delicious, delicately scented” Europe. However, the stone is swinging… and beating more and more heavily the mug of Greedy Animal by political and economic sanctions, oil prices, economy stagnation.

For those leaders of European countries who either through ignorance or through strictly private interests see such “honey pie” for business in “chipped Russian cobblestone” and call for sanction, lifting the stone represents a sweet trap behind which aggression and enslavement are hidden. And those Italian, Hungarian, Cyprus, Greek, Czech leaders, France parliamentarians and German business circles which explicitly state the need of sanction revision during the upcoming European Union session in June, 2016 shall be aware through the history lessons of the aftermath of aggressor appeasement.

So, what personage from both of them would be knocked out by the “sweet stone”? Logically, it should be “taiga bear”. And here is the reason for that. Any state elite should think rationally and make rational decisions, resting on estimated balance of interests. The question is how it may adopt such decision. Current Russian government is not able to adopt rational decisions produced, for example, during the negotiation with its European, American and Ukrainian parties, as it cannot explain them publically to the locals. The Russians are brainwashed by primitivization of the outer worldview, i.e. by ideology which describes the world as the battle of the Positive forces, personified in the image of “Eternal Russia” and Evil forces embodied in the rest world. Thus, to hold the power Putin will pursue a conceptual policy to set Russia over against the West.

Consequently, sanctions should be neither decreased nor lifted. On the contrary, if sanctions don’t work, they should be strengthened until “the sweet stone” either settles hash to the “taiga bear” and forces it to follow international law or send it into the great knockout.

And you, sirs, who stand for decreasing of sanctions, try to show realism and reason, don’t lick the “stone” covered with the sweet Putin’s and his oligarchs’ promises. Otherwise it may pick up such an energy which will break into pieces the European integration as a whole and well-being of your nations particularly.

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