During the latest episode of his HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher, which aired on Friday May 19, 2017, the show host held an interview with former Special Assistant to President Trump, Boris Epshteyn. During the interview, an argument ensued where the Real Time host was asked by his guest whether it was okay for people to take notes during private discussions in the Oval Office and later turn around to leak the note to the press.

Fast forward to minute 7.42 on the video to see the dialogue which went thus;

Epshteyn: Let’s take a step back. If you talk about the he said, he said on the note, so, what James Comey, or his people are leading us to believe is that he took those notes, and now the notes are being leaked. Are we okay with people going to the Oval Office, taking notes, and then leaking those notes to the press?

Maher: Well, but, isn’t the crime itself worse than the note taking?

This was in the same interview where Maher had kept harping on Russian “meddling” in our elections, and kept trying to almost bully his guest into agreeing with him that Russia should be punished for it.

We all know that the only thing that has been profered as evidence of Russian meddling is an accusation of hacking the DNC servers and releasing emails that showed collusion between the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to undermine her primary opponent.

In fact, At one point, Maher criticized President Trump for not raising the hacking issue with the Russians when they visited the White House.

I would presume from his answer that he meant that the crime exposed is worse than the crime of leaking the notes, which is exactly what the Russians did, if you believe that they are the ones who hacked the DNC.

So, how is it possible to call for someone to be punished for the same thing you’re defending another person for doing in the same show? Hypocrisy?

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