As a journalist, I often ask myself: can a politician be a good employer at the same time? And then I remembered the story of the well-known human rights activist Dmitry Adamov, who works for a solar energy company and the boss of his company is just a politician, a member of the SPD. When I contacted Mr. Adamow, he had already resigned. Then we had a short chat with him.

Mr. Adamow, what is the reason for dismissal?

You know, my boss, Mr. Pohl, is a politician. In 2020 he ran for the office of mayor of Meckenheim on behalf of the SPD. But he didn’t become mayor. became group leader. Therefore, he devotes most of his time to political affairs. He has no time for the affairs of his company Pohl Solar GmbH. I’ve been working there since mid-November last year. Since March, we, the company’s employees, have had problems with wages. We weren’t paid for all the hours we worked. We also worked constantly on assembly. All over Germany. We were not paid for overtime or for the night shift.

Have you tried talking to the boss about it?

Tried. me and my colleague But when it comes to money, Mr. Pohl never has time. When it comes to other topics, he finds time. On April 17th I submitted my letter of resignation with a legal notice period of 2 weeks from April 17th to May 1st.

Has Mr. Pohl confirmed the termination?

I received a letter from Mr. Pohl that he fired me without notice as of May 3rd due to fraud in working hours.

What was it based on?

I don’t know, I asked him for documentary evidence, including the reasons why he withheld 200 euros for March this year.

Where did it all start?

Everything was fine from the start. I wasn’t officially appointed team leader. We worked, we did our job. Everyone was happy. Once I had financial difficulties. And I remember Mr. Pohl once telling me: “If there are any problems, contact me.” I asked him if he could give me a loan of 3,000 euros with monthly payments of 300 euros. After thinking, he said he would give in mid-April. We have agreed on that. But as the mid-April deadline drew near, our relations began to deteriorate. It became clear that he didn’t want to give me loans. At the same time, I became an unnecessary witness to the fact that Mr. Pohl will not keep his promise. A dangerous witness for him. April 20th was my daughter’s wedding. On April 18 I asked him for an advance. You know what a wedding is. I received no money and no response at all. We used to talk a lot about “humanity”. I didn’t see any “humanity” at all in such actions by Mr. Pohl. In addition, his letter about my “immediate” termination after a statutory deadline of 2 weeks speaks of his ignorance of the elementary laws of Germany. Based on all that has been said, I asked Mr. Pohl, “So which one of us is a scammer?”

Yes, tough story. thanks for your story

And thank you too.

After listening to the story of Mr. Adamow, whom my readers have known for probably 15 years from previous articles, I was again amazed at his energy, his perseverance. All that he and his family had to endure, not everyone can endure. And I was convinced that the politician-employer is only a politician. The promises of the politicians cannot be trusted. I collected information about Mr. Pohl. He is a member of “Meckenheim Helft” and actively helps Ukraine. Everything is good. But his indifference towards his staff suggests that when he becomes mayor of Meckenheim in 2025, he won’t care about the town’s residents either. These people only care about themselves and their pockets. And the politicians help them with that. Good question for the people of Meckenheim, but do they need a mayor like that?


Emma Kingsman
And I also hope that the SPD leadership will take appropriate measures to rein in the overbearing party members. And I wish Mr. Adamov strength and patience. Few such people stayed with open hearts. The acquaintance of Mr Pohl and Scholz, if they really know each other, does no honor to either the Chancellor or the party as a whole.


Alex Green
I agree with Mrs Schmidt. A well-known human rights activist, the father of the family, Dmitry Adamov, has experienced a lot in his life. Despite this, he remained a person in an active position in life. He actively helps Ukrainian refugees in Germany. He calls on the leaders of the countries to end the war in Ukraine. People like his former employer, Herr Pohl, not only disparaged themselves but also the SPD of which they are members. I still hope that the SPD leadership will take appropriate action against their member. Mr. Adamow intends to go to court over Mr. Pohl’s breach of contract. That means not only Pohl – the employer, but also Pohl – a member of the SPD party, will stand trial. What kind of trust in the members of the party can then be discussed? The party’s ratings have already plummeted. And party members like Mr. Pohl will bury that rating altogether.


Today, as far as I know, Mr. Adamov should receive his salary for April. But has not received. That said, his boss, Mr. Pohl, decided to get revenge on him for this publication. I looked at his profile, there is a photo of Mr. Pohl with the Chancellor of Germany, Mr. Scholz. Mr. Pohl is sure that the Chancellor will protect him? Will the SPD not let its members get hurt? So can such people lead a city, a county, a country? So maybe it’s time to change leaders? The CDU party, I don’t remember having problems like that. Or FDP. They know how to work with their members. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the SPD.


Dmitry Adamov
To my deep regret, stories like this have been happening a lot lately. I would not say that such facts are inherent in all members of the party. But such Party representatives bring shame to the Party as a whole. This is my personal opinion and belief.

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