February 24, 2024

Former Ohio State Senator, Nina Turner, has slammed the Democratic National Committee while reacting to the election of former Commerce Secretary, Tom Perez as DNC chair, saying that what is happening in the Democratic party proves that conservatives have a party and a half.

Senator Turner also revealed that the DNC has members who are lobbyists working for Goldman Sachs. “Someone who works actually for Goldman Sachs is a voting member on the DNC” she said.

She lamented that the Democratic party decided on whose side to stand during the DNC election but it was not on the side of the common people. She said that the DNC officials had the chance to do something different, not just in selecting a chair, but also about how the party raises money to finance elections. It would be recalled that the DNC voted to do away with an Obama era rule that prohibited raising money from corporations shortly before the DNC election.

The senator expressed her disappointment that the party did not have faith to trust that it could raise money from everyday people.

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