October 30, 2020

Corona virus. The most important topic, judging by the media, is worldwide. Why? From the severe form of the flu, from cancer, much more people die. However, attention is focused on this type of virus. I also thought about this for a long time. Why were older people the most vulnerable? They say to me: immunity is lowered in old people. I agree. But in young children, the immune system is even weaker than in the elderly. What do young children have that the elderly do not have? Something that protects children from this virus? I did not find the answer to this question. And then my friend advised me to read a book by a famous Russian endocrinologist and gerontologist; MD, professor, Vlaadimir Mikhailovich Dilman, author of the elevation theory of aging, “Why Death Comes.” And then I realized that I had not correctly posed the question: “what do children have?” The question is different: “what do older people have that kids don’t?” Pathologies of old age. So maybe the reason is that the virus, meeting this very pathology of old age in the human body, is aggressive and kills this body? According to many, planet Earth takes revenge on people for destroying nature. I agree with that. Tsunamis, earthquakes – this is the revenge of nature. But why take revenge selectively? Only the elderly? It would be more logical revenge on young people, and especially children. Is nature to blame for the emergence of a new virus? As a lawyer, I always ask the question: who benefits from this? And it is beneficial to those in power. Their power rests on capital. They need taxpayers: present and future. And old people, in their understanding – already worked out material. The waste of society, so to speak. Unnecessary ballast that needs to be maintained: feed, drink, dress, treat.

Corona virus is an artificially created virus to reduce the world’s population due to the death of older people. There is a cold-blooded murder of our fathers and grandfathers …. Either there is no crown of the virus, but there is artificially created excitement, it is not clear for what purpose. There can be many goals: from testing the readiness of human society for such challenges (educational anxiety) to the desire of manufacturers to sell goods that have accumulated in warehouses: from useless protective masks to toilet paper and pasta.
     In any of these options, I am sorry for the elderly. Those who fought Nazism, who rebuilt Europe after the war, who lived and worked with the dream of a bright future, but got a dark present. Where money is concerned, conscience is forgotten.
(Alex Green, Lawyer and historian, USA)
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