January 19, 2020

In a small town in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) lives the family of human rights activist Dmitrij Adamow. A man of amazing fate. In 1989, an ethnic conflict broke out in his hometown of Fergana (Uzbekistan). Adamow lost his parents, hometown. He was forced to leave Uzbekistan to Russia. After 2 years, Gorbachev and Yeltsin took away from him the last thing that Dmitrij Adamow had – his homeland of the USSR. Since 2003, Adamow in Germany. He has a family here. Three children, in January 2018 he had a granddaughter. He himself celebrated his fiftieth anniversary in April this year. Since 2011, Dmitrij Adamow is a human rights defender. He spoke in defense of a Belarusian journalist arrested for speaking to President Lukashenko. Adamow wrote to both President Lukashenko and the Attorney General of Belarus. The journalist was released on his own recognizance. He wrote to the prosecutor general’s office in Russia in defense of a lawyer in the North Caucasus who was intimidated by the police chief with a murder. He wrote to the Prime Minister of Taiwan and many others … In 2010, as a result of an accident, he broke his leg. Moved 10 operations. Despite this, it continues to work. Family needs to be fed and dressed. Two older children are trained in the profession. In January 2018, Dmitrij had a granddaughter. The whole family lives on the salary of her husband and father. In 2017, the wife of Dmitrij Adamow receives an Warning from the Law office Waldorf Frommer (Munich). She allegedly illegally downloaded the movie of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. In English. A man who does not know German well either. Dmitrij Adamow wrote a letter to the office of Waldorf. First of all, he asked me to send him a copy of the power of attorney that Waldorf represents the interests of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. In addition, Adamov requested a series of documents confirming the validity of the requirements of the Waddorf office. Adam did not receive any documents. He got … Warning from the chancellery. As part of the out-of-court process, Adamow, as a person protecting himself, and representing the interests of his wife (the power of attorney from his wife Adamow sent along with his letter) had the full legal right to demand these documents from the Waldorf office. Waldorf Lawyers Don’t Know Extrajudicial Rules? Adamow and his wife received abmanungs for allegedly downloading the same film at the same time ….. Lawyers Waldorf are not aware that in Germany, as well as throughout Europe, there is no double punishment for the same same action? This is not even in Africa !!! The Waldorf Office has over 60 lawyers. But can people be called lawyers who do not know the laws of Germany, who do not know international law. But these 60 people can knock money out of the inhabitants of Germany. When Dmitrij Adamow sent a statement to the prosecutor’s office and accused the Waldorf office of fraud and extortion of money, the response from the Munich prosecutor’s office shocked the human rights activist. “We cannot prove the fact of fraud on the part of Mr. Roderer” (Roderer is one of Waldorf’s lawyers). At the same time, Dmitrij Adamow in his statement did not blame Mr. Roderer, he accused the office of Waldorf of criminal activity). Mr. Roderer himself, like any other “lawyer” of the Waldorf office, without the support of Waldorf himself or Mr. Fromer, would not have ventured to extort money from people, making false decisions of the Cologne Land Court (I am sure that these decisions are fabricated with the consent of judges of the court themselves). And as an apotheosis – Dmitrij Adamow received a court order of the Hamburg-Alton court. After that, the human rights activist requested in court the documents that the Waldorf office submitted to the court. The response from the court shocked the human rights activist: “the court does not have the right to verify the legitimacy of the requirements of the law office of Walworf to you.” Great! Having no documents confirming the validity of the claims of “Waldorf’s lawyers”, the court makes the claims! In what other country is this possible ??? Type “Waldorf Frommer forum“ on the Internet, there are hundreds of facts that Waldorf’s lawyers unreasonably send Warnings. There are versions that there are hackers in the office … there are a lot of interesting things … There are a lot of court decisions on the claims of the office on the Internet. In 100 court decisions, the Waldorf office won 100 times !? All such decisions were fabricated and published by the office itself. Personally, I have no doubt about that. A simple person who received an abmanung will crawl on the Internet to look for the answer to the question “what to do?” And there are thousands of court decisions that clearly show that there is only one answer to the question “what to do” – to pay. Otherwise it will only get worse. Otherwise, there will be a court that you lose and therefore you will also pay for legal costs. The system of extortion is set at a professional level. It involves workers of judges (the Land Court of Cologne, Hamburg), who obviously have a certain percentage of court decisions in favor of the Office of Waldorf. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc – a respected campaign, has been embroiled in a scandal. After all, all this is happening, according to the Waldorforf Frommer office, in the interests of our client — Warner. Bros.. At the same time, the office has never shown anyone a power of attorney from Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. But, even if there is this power of attorney, it means that in the campaign Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc know how the criminal syndicate Waldorf Frommer acts. And despite the fact that such actions “lawyers” jeopardize the prestige and respect for the Warner Bros, campaign, they continue to work with them. Does this mean that Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc shares with the criminal clan Waldorf?

      Also, why is the European Bar Association not taking any action? By their actions, Waldorf’s “lawyers” dishonor the entire lawyer corps. The German Supreme Court cannot verify what the courts are doing? In general, the supreme power in Germany is losing the reins of government. Power gradually passes into the hands of criminal groups such as the office of Waldorf Frommer

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  • The German authorities, unfortunately, do not control the situation in the country. Thanks to this, crime is flourishing .. Criminals are confident in their impunity.