February 16, 2019
MBH media received WhatsApp audio records of calls made by alleged pals of the militants of Wagner Private Military Company dislocated in Syria. They tell details of US aviation attack as of February 7. According to them, instead of Syrian troops there was an attack on Russian contractors who suffered great losses – approximately 200 persons. Indifference of the Ministry of Defence caused tellers’ peculiar fury as it appears that they decided to conceal the deaths of hundreds Russians in Syria. Record No. 1 Hi, Ilya. Here is what you may watch on TV news, 25 Syrian military men are injured in Syria and so on, well, actually we were those defeated. 200 murdered in one company, what a f***, 200 dead, 10 in another, I don’t know about the third but they also suffered seriously. That is, three companies got losses. Yankees started with artillery, and then four copters joined in turnaround, shot one and all from heavy-caliber machine guns. We had nothing at all besides machine guns, no man-portable air defense system or something else. That was truly hell! Yankees definitely knew that we, the Russians, were there. Our guys set sights on the plant, and they were there. In short, we were pressed severely. I have just had a talk with guys, they are sitting there and hitting the bottle. Too many went missing. That’s bullshit. F***, another humiliation. They disregard us, treat us as devilry. I think, we will tuck tail, our government, nothing will be done in retort, no one will be f**** for this. That’s our losses. Record No. 2 – the same voice reports the new details on the action and precise casualty state - Look, the lad has just called. They formed a column, some 300-700 meters to the positions, one column went ahead, another stayed in a column in 300 meters, those raised the American flag and artillery started hitting them hard, then helicopters arrived and shot everyone, people run…. 215 dead totally. We were put under press. F***, they laid down a marker. What were ours expectations? That they might escape on their own? That they would get afraid? Too many guys – was it difficult to identify? They shot static column by artillery, no infantry came forward anymore, they shot by artillery, f****** disaster. Record No. 3 - another man quotes casualty status - Look, bro, 177 killed – that is from 5th company only, the second was almost unaffected, well, the 5th one was all destroyed. They were attacked by aviation, helicopters, artillery, the Kurds engaged along with Americans – the guys had no chances, and the 5th almost totally fell. Those who survived are bad. This night we are waiting for Tyulpan (heavy aircraft to carry murdered – MBH media). Ok, stay in touch. Viktorovich, it seems all our guys are also gone (died – MBH media). According to our source that provided us with audio records, along with Wagner Private Military Company the special forces of the Ministry of Defence, i.e. professional soldiers, were also thrown into the battle with Syrian democratic forces near Deir Ezzor. They suffered from US attack as well. MBH media has no other evidence of professional soldiers’ disposition in detachments attacked by US soldiers. The source states that US aviation has ‘worked over the targets’ for ‘almost four hours’, wiped out a lot machines, moreover, Lockheed AC-130 Spectre plane (flying artillery battery for the support of land arms at the battlefield) along with helicopters was involved in digesting the Russian group. On February 7, US military command officially stated the US-led forces of international coalition delivered a blow over military forces tolerable to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The shot was delivered following the attack of pro-Assad forces on the positions of Syrian Democratic Forces supported by the US. On February 8, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation stated that no Russian soldiers in Syria suffered as a result of coalition attack. The military department stated ‘there are no Russian soldiers in this area of Syrian province Deir Ezzor’. However, the next day former defence minister of the Donetsk Peoples’ Republic Igor Strelkov who maintains ties with a number of Donbas war veterans, presently involved in Syrian warfare as part of Wagner, reported the Russia’s losses: ‘two Wagner tactical units were attacked by the US aviation. One of them was almost wiped off, another was not left a rag on.’ A bit later Strelkov gave some details: 5th assault detachment, armoured and artillery units were wiped off, near Hisham settlement. Information provided by Strelkov overlaps with that from the records. One of the talker reported heavy losses in the 5th detachment, which was almost totally wiped off. It is basically clear why Wagners attacked the Syrian Democratic Forces (the coalition of Kurds and Arab opposition secular groups). The plant which was their target is by all appearances is an oil refinery got under control of SDF and US militants behind them. The fight for oil deposits and oil refining is main Wagner’s profile which operates in behalf of “Euro Police” company. Euro Police is actively involved into oil business in Syria and is tied to Putin’s cook Eugen Prigozhin along with Wagner. Upon the agreement with the Damask regime Euro Police should control the significant part of Syrian oil refinery, though the SDF does not coordinate their activities with Assad’s dictatorial regime. However, that is a well known fact that SDF is under US patronage, there are a lot of US soldiers in their detachments, US aviation also provides SDS with air support. Attacking SDF in the name of any business interests is a self-destructive action. I must admit that the attacks on the Syrian Democratic Forces are far from what is meant as ‘fight with terrorism’: SDF are long-time uncompromising IS enemy. That is by their forces a significant part of eastern Syria was released from IS along with seizure of the Syrian caliphate capital Rakka. The Ministry of Defence does not comment appearing information about Russian losses from US attacks. Recent information from the Ministry – that related to February 8th: there are no Russian soldiers in this area of Syrian province Deir Ezzor. Formula ‘Russians do not left their friends’ is still used in thrilling Russian films. The military men get used to denial of losses. This trick is well used since the war in Ukraine, and became even easier to employ – instead of deathly scared boys from the hard-core unit the real contractors go into action, who know the risk and do not have military card in their pocket. In no way we would like Kremlin to initiate the Third World War over Syria. However, the question is Russian citizens and their fate and protection fall in the scope of obligation of at least the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, if not the Ministry of Defence.
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