February 24, 2020

So, establishment Democrats are whining about how real liberals who they now call “Berners” in reference to Senator Bernie Sanders, want to administer the purity test to all candidates before agreeing to elect them to office. What they’re saying, in effect, is that nobody should care about the candidates the establishment pick no matter how bad, or how conservative they may be because caring about things like that is bad for the party.

The truth, however, is that bringing the purity test to bear on all candidates, their political party affiliation not withstanding, to be candid, is long overdue. Our country is the way it is today because we have failed to administer this test in a long while, and have allowed all sorts of criminals and thieves to gain access to our government.

We need the purity test re-established because our society is nearing the brink of a major economic, social and environmental catastrophe due to our election of unscrupulous political actors who were not properly vetted. For far too long we have allowed ourselves to be deceived by the “lesser evil” con where we’re cajoled and deceived into voting for politicians with little or no credibility because they’re supposed to be the “lesser evil” compared to their opponent.

Americans are finally waking up to that con and are beginning to realize that the “evil” and “lesser evil” politicians are just two sides of the same coin where the only difference between them is the routes they take to their goals, or the methods they use; the goals are usually the same. As a result of this awareness, Americans are asking tougher questions which the establishment and their minions are not used to, and they are complaining.

We need to administer the purity test because our future, as well as the future of our children, depends on our making sure that politicians we elect to office will work for the good of the country, which means the good of all of us, and not just the good of the richest few and corporations.

Purity tests are a necessity, going forward, so Americans can take back control of their government from the corporations that have stolen it by sponsoring unscrupulous candidates under the aegis of both political parties. They took advantage of our lack of curiosity which led to an unwillingness to really vet the politicians (administer the purity test, as they call it) to take over our government, and we must take it back as a matter of survival.

The establishment understand that us vetting politicians does not bode well for their continued control and use of the government, so they’re beginning the fight against that. Their chosen tactic is a very old and trusted one where they try to make something positive sound like it is bad. That is why they have coined the phrase “purity test” for the vetting we’re doing. It’s their modus operandi to give a negative connotation to positive words in order to deceive the people.

That is the same tactic that they used to take the word “entitlement” which means the right to guaranteed benefits under a government program,” and give it a negative connotation where people hear it today and think it’s something bad. It’s especially used when the benefit recipient is an ordinary citizen instead of a rich or a corporate citizen. Words like “liberal” and progressive” have been disparaged and made to look negative despite their positive meaning.

This is what they’re trying to do with this great thing we have started doing: give it a negative connotation so people will abandon it and leave them in peace to keep ruining the future of our children and our country for the financial benefit of a few people.

If we want to end this system that benefits the few to the detriment of the many, purity tests for our political candidates are long overdue because that is sine qua non to our survival as a country.





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