The Jakarta Islamic Education Exhibition will again be held for the third time in the 2019 Jakarta Islamic Education Fair (JIEF) by the Jakarta Islamic Center (JIC) starting Friday-February, February 22-24, 2019 at the Convention Hall of the Jakarta Islamic Center, said Head of Assessment and Education Division Jakarta Islamic Center Management Agency, Rakhmad Zailani Kiki.

“This year, the education booth participants are not only Islamic education institutions from Indonesia, especially from Jakarta, both formal education from tertiary institutions to PAUD, as well as non-formal education, but also from abroad which organizes Islamic education in Jakarta, such as LIPIA, Saudi Arabia , Yayasan Tahfidz Sulaimaniyah / UICCI Turkey, Ar-Risalah, Sudan and also from Malaysia represented by Madani Institute, “Kiki said.

JIEF 2019 brings the theme of opportunities and challenges to Islamic education in the industrial era 4.0 so that there are several events and competitions related to themes such as robotics competition and e-sport Islamic competition. There are also competitions. Such as the marawis competition and the Qur’an tahfidz competition. The Jakarta Islamic Center will also showcase some of its educational products, such as falakiyah education, language education, broadcasting education, bread and cake making training, and others.

Meanwhile, DKI Jakarta Senator Dr. Abdul Azis said that he was very supportive of the 2019 Jakarta Islamic Education Fair (JIEF) program, in addition to carrying out modern propaganda and also carrying out the continuity of an increasingly advanced future, especially facing the industrial era 4.0

“I am very supportive, in addition to the modern da’wah process there are also challenges in innovation related to the development of industry 4.0, where the younger generation must be prepared and also innovate high,” he said.

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