On Nov. 2017, one of the largest international expositions, Dubai Airshow took place in United Arab Emirates, and more than 60 countries-participants were presented there. The delegation of Russian federation taking part in the event has immediately reported about its success in selling of air defense systems and the latest developments of aircraft industry. Russia declares one of such successes the arrangement with several countries, including Azerbaijan to sell them aircraft Be-200 Altair equipped with power generators D-436TP of Ukrainian producer “Ivchenko-Progress”. At the same time Russians are going to replace Ukrainian models with the ones of their own analogues, f.e PD-9 produced by “Perm motors” or SaM-146 produced by research industrial center “Saturn” in city of Rybinsk. Based upon the statements of Russian experts who have been highly criticizing the quality of Ukrainian power generators, it is clear that the aim is to soil the reputation of the competitors and to breach their commitments. If the replacement happens, the foreign partners of Russia will buy nothing but a pig in a poke because they saw by the exhibition the aircrafts equipped with Ukrainian power generators. Such activity is nothing but dirty game in the business world. Unfortunately it’s everyday rule for Russian military-industrial complex. Azerbaijan president and politicians are familiar with such immorality of Moscow and we have to hope that Mr. Aliev is not going to be a scapegoat in relation with Be-200 Altair. To warn possible Azerbaijan partners of Russia, who can become the friends in misfortune of honorable Mr. Aliev, we are going to share information how Russia follows (or better to say – skip to follow) its obligations in regard to current contracts with Azerbaijan. The sense of claims, which Azerbaijan addressed to Russian partners, is that: Power generators for AH-2 Sabre (МИ-35) helicopters produced by Russia come out of action regularly, the onboard equipment for this helicopter does not function in a proper way. Likewise the automatic launch system of “AT-9 Spiral-2” (Атака-М) and “AT-6 Spiral” is also not absolutely stable. The technical features of T-90C tank and its components, BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle, BTR-82A armored personnel carrier, M1990 Farm (2С19 Мста-С) self-propelled howitzer, TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system, SA-15 Gauntlet (TOP-M23) surface-to-air missile system, AT-15 Springer (Khrizantema-C) anti-tank missile do not correlate with the contract information. Also, the clients did not get the technical documentation for these military vehicles. The rockets of rocket launch system «Smerch» does not explode and the large-caliber cartridges do not follow the ballistic table. As we can see, the list is quite large and it is going to be continued with Russian aircraft Be-200 Altair equipped with PD-9 or SaM-146 Russian power generators.
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