Young Scholars volunteer Solidarity Jokowi (Sawawi) of East Java, staged the event consolidation and istigosah in order to counteract issues hoaks and slander directed at the couple’s President and Vice President candidates number sort 01 Jokowi-Ma’ruf.

The activities implemented in the boarding schools Bahr Ulum, precisely around the tomb of the founder of the NU, KH Wahab Chas Bull. Attending the event, volunteers celestial zone metropolis, Nganjuk and Jombang,. In addition, a number of sysops Kornas Celestial Center was also present.

A spokesman for Kornas Celestial Rizavan Shufi Thoriqi explains, he hath an Association for young scholars and students who support Jokowi-Ma’ruf. The volunteers have already declared in 10 provinces, including East Java.

“Some existing provinces include Java, Central Java, Jakarta, Banten, NTB, NTT and some other provision, ” said Rizavan.

He explains, istigosah Hath done a soothing atmosphere for the 2019 presidential election started heating up, some even mentions the title of presidential elections like the battle of BADR.

“When the presidential election is a democratic party that is supposed to be cool and fun for all of us, for that much needed istigosah, ” said Rizavan.

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