October 20, 2021

This is a puff piece, but unsurprising. Listen to it anyway, because here #ElizabethWarren continues to lie multiple times about her fake Native American claim, saying she never used it to advance her career. I have the receipts on that below. But first, let’s deal with how the mainstream media acts like the sun shines out her ass and shed some facts on that: Follow the money and there’s your answer. To wit: MSNBC is owned by Disney. CNN is owned by Warner Media. Warner Media and Disney are among the 4 (out of only 5) giant media monopolies in this country- the other 2 being Comcast and NBC Universal- that have endorsed Warren and are backing her campaign. WaPo is owned by Bezos, who also owns Amazon. Despite WaPo’s ridiculous protests to the contrary, the 16 smear pieces about Sanders that they released in 16 hours days before the 2016 primary began proves otherwise. Sanders has directly confronted Amazon and Disney both directly about their unfair labor practices, hostility toward unions, and low wages.

Meanwhile, Sanders has also released a sweeping media reforms proposal that promises to put all these overpaid hacks out of a job, beginning with breaking up all of the media monopolies and ending with restoring actual journalistic integrity back to journalism.

Hence why they don’t bother investigating. Otherwise, they would be telling you the facts: She’s lying through her teeth when she says her fake Native American heritage never had anything to to do with getting a job.

The FACTS are that she registered with the Bar as a Native American and stayed so for 10 years.During that time, she bounced from U. Penn to Harvard and back twice as faculty, every single time being hired under Affirmative Action and touted by both universities as a “person of color” and a “minority.” She accepted multiple awards from prestigious law organizations such as the Fordham Law Review for being an outstanding “person of color” in law.

The FACTS are that she is a corporate lawyer who taught other corporate lawyers how to exploit every loophole in the law to avoid compensating victims of corporate abuses.

Warren stands silent as CNN’s and other anchors during the debates continue to attribute legislation written by Bernie Sanders and Pramila Jayapal, such as Medicare for All, to her as if it were her idea and as if she supported it- when it has been evident for months that she absolutely does not. Her own website failed to have any plan for health care whatsoever, but once it did, even in the vague neoliberal language it is clear as day that she absolutely is not talking about a single-payer, zero cost at the point of service health care plan- and very much plans to leave private insurance companies in the mix. This is NOT Medicare for All. Yet the whole mainstream media remains complicit in attributing Bernie’s entire platform to Warren and she fully allows it, showing yet another extreme lack of integrity.

In addition to buying off the Working Families Party endorsement through her daughter and lobbyist campaign finance manager, Warren usurps Sanders in other ways, letting CNN, MSNBC, and others run pieces like Bernie’s A Sexist!!; Bernie Hates Black People!!; Bernie Is Transphobic!! while saying nothing. And this is supposedly her long time friend. She failed to stand up for him in 2016 when it was crucial to the fate of the country. She fails to stand up for him now. She’s running AGAINST him instead of supporting him, but claiming to share all his same values. If THIS is how she treats her friends, I’d hate to see how she treats the rest of us.

She has no track record of anything except equivocation for political expediency, being in bed and taking money from all the wrong people, and being a staunch Reagan and Gingrich Republican til her alleged road to Damascus moment when she was nearly 50. Follow her actual behavior since then and it is blatantly obvious that she is not who she claims to be, and she is definitely not a progressive.

In short, she’s full of shit. She’s the establishment’s anointed one. She’s Obama 2.0. She’s a Trojan horse for the Democrat establishment. And anyone that can’t see this as clear as their own face is too ignorant to be voting at all.

#NoToWarren #BernieOrBust #Revolution2020


By Adriane Durga

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