The meeting of Turkish president R. Erdoğan with the Russian State Duma delegation, which included deputies, elected in Crimea annexed by Russia caused deep concern of the world community.

On October 12, Russian delegation led by State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin, arrived to Istanbul to take part in the conference of parliament chairmen to prevent terrorism and to pursue regional cooperation.

On the same day, State Duma deputy Natalia Poklonskaya published picture of shaking hands with Erdoğan on Facebook coupled with some words of gratitude.

After the meeting of Turkish president with the Russian delegation, which included 2 so-called State Duma deputies elected from Crimea (Natalia Poklonskaya and Ruslan Balbek), Ukraine sent Ankara protest note. Ukrainian party is offended by the fact of meeting between Erdoğan and so-called State Duma deputies.

Until recently, Turkey has clearly determined as to its position on the status of Crimea and its annexation by Russia. During the recent meeting with Ukrainian president Zelensky Erdoğan stated that Turkey does not recognize and would never recognize Crimea as Russian territory. Turkish president repeatedly stated that protection of Crimean Tatars’ rights and interests, support of their national identity and their residence in Crimea will be priorities for Turkey.

It is quite obvious that Ukraine sent protest note and Ukrainian ministry of foreign affairs demanded Turkish ambassador Yağmur Ahmet Güldere to explain these facts.

What would Erdoğan do if the leader of any EU state met the delegation from independent state of Kurdistan? Turkey would not take that easy and Turkish government would send protest on the reason of “violation of territorial integrity of Turkish republic.”

Erdoğan’s meeting with fake deputies from Crimea makes us think that Turkey recognized annexation of Crimea de facto, and all earlier statements made by Erdoğan were nothing but fiction and deception.

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